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Mere parwardigaar ( मेरे परवरदिगार ) song lyrics are from upcoming movie Scotland. Mere parwardigaar song lyrics are sung by Arijit Singh & lyrics are written by Rajiv Rana. The Song is compossed & recorded by Harpreet Singh . Under the exclusive license to Zee Music Company.

The star cast of the upcoming featuring film are Adam Saini, Khushboo Purohit, Chatan Pandit, Manish Vatssalya, Rajiv Rana, Rajesh Bakshi, Samar Katyaan, Amin Gazi, Aakash Dagar, Sanjeev Jha, Shahbaz Khan, Brajesh Jha, Daya Shankar Pandey & Anupam Apoorva.

Mere Parwardigaar Arijit Singh

The film is Produced by Zaina Ibourek & Manish Vatssalya & the production house of this movie are Mars UK Films & Vatssalya Films. The story of this movie scotlad are written by Adam Saini & the movie is Directed by Manish Vatssalya.

The movie is about, manish vatssalya scotland is against the law thriller (crime thriller). Based on a few very actual incidents going on in Country where ladies (Girls) are being raped and murdered mercilessly. This film is vigilante and it attempts to look for a solution what takes place if it cursed on a commonplace family. In this film a father of rape victim takes law and orders in his hand for justice. Scotland has found a place within the Oscar contenders for 2020 in the great characteristic film (best feature film) category.

Song Details:

Movie: Scotland
Singer: Arijit Singh
Lyricist: Rajiv Rana
Composer: Harpreet Singh
Star Cast: Adam Saini, Khushboo Purohit, Chatan Pandit, Daya Shankar Pandey, Manish Vatssalya, Rajiv Rana, Rajesh Bakshi, Aakash Dagar, Samar Katyaan, Amin Gazi,Sanjeev Jha, Shahbaz Khan, Brajesh Jha & Anupam Apoorva
Director: Manish Vatssalya
Producers: Zaina Ibourek & Manish Vatssalya
Production House: Mars UK Films & Vatssalya Films
Story: Adam Saini
Music Label: Zee Music Company.

मेरे परवरदिगार (Mere parwardigaar) Song Lyrics:

जो गम दय है
रोने की मोहलत भी दे
सब छीन ले बराबर
सांभ की दौलत भी दे
थम जरा तोत रोही है
हौसलों की देवर
परवरदिगार मात्र परवरदिगार
परवरदिगार मात्र परवरदिगार
इटनी से रिहमत कर
थोडी से ज़हमत कर
महशर में मुख्य हूं खडा
तुझ पार याकेन है बडा
सेने से अपन लग
उम्मेद कोयी जग
टुटे सबर, इतना से कर
जौन न मुख्य हर
परवरदिगार मात्र परवरदिगार
परवरदिगार मात्र परवरदिगार
ऊँचे मकोन में तू
हय अस्सलामोन मे
इतना ते हक है मेरा
मेन भई हूं बंदा तेरा
मुजको दिलसे डे
बास कुच्छ ज़ारा से
कु छ बोल दे, हं डोलते
साँसों के तारे
परवरदिगार मात्र परवरदिगार
परवरदिगार मात्र परवरदिगार ...

Written by: Gaurav

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