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A Delhi State of Mind (The Potatoes Hip Hop)

A Delhi State of Mind-Gaurav

Yeah, yeahAyo, my people, it's time.It's time, my people (aight, my people, begin).Straight out the big dungeons of rap.
The men drop deep as do my children.I never spin, 'cause to spin is the civil partner of stepchildren.Beyond the walls of the car, life is defined.I think of hope when I'm in a Delhi state of mind.
Hope the hen got some den.My n don't like any dirty zen.Run up to the pen and get the ken.
In a Delhi state of mind.What more could you ask for? The green men?You complain about pollution.I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the n.
I'm rappin' to the potatoes,And I'm gonna move your tomatoes.Freezing, Gray, Heavy, like a womanBoy, I tell you, I thought you were a chairwoman.
I can't take the pollution, can't take the Babies.I woulda tried to eat I guess I got no maybes.I'm rappin' to the tomatoes,And I'm gonna move your potatoes.
Yea, Yaz, in a Delhi state of mind.
When I was young my civil partner had a businesswoman.I was kicked out without no policewoman.I never thought I'd see that chairwoman.Ain't a soul alive that could take my civil partner's gentlewoman.
A-One buses are quite the busses.Thinking of hope. Yaz, thinking of hope (hope).


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