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Varun Dhawan & shraddha Kapoor movie earns upto ₹56 crores.

Street Dancer 3D crossed the ₹56 crores mark on Thursday 31st Jan. 2020. The movie is directed by Remo D'Souza & starring Varun Dhawan, Prabhu Deva and Shraddha Kapoor into the lead roles.

Street Dancer 3D lacks the spark in first week, Non-happening at multiplexes, Healthy in single screens but Lower than ABCD2. See the difference in below chart. The movie is not getting great response by the audience. The viwers tells us that the movie is not good as his old frechis ABCD or ABCD, & the plot is very week i think because they only focusing in dancing.

Box Office Collection street dancer 3D

Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor performance look good & by the way because of his or her fame movie is still runing in theaters.

After a brilliant start in its first weekend, Remo D'Souza movie saw a drop within the series on Monday & the drop still continue from monday to friday.

Street Dancer 3D, is the franchise of ABCD & ABCD 2. The movie is about two dance group formed by way of Indian and Pakistani dancers in London & how they compete with each other & the mess-up become real shit.

The film opened at ₹10.26 crores on Friday and went on to make ₹13.21 crores on Saturday and ₹17.76 crores on Sunday, respectively. So the total weekend collection is ₹41.23 crores.

On Monday, it saw a slow-down in its series as it could earn handiest ₹4.65 crores.

Tuesday was now not any better and the movie obtained a group of  ₹3.88 crores only.

On Wednesday Street Dancer 3D starring varun & shraddha earned ₹3.58 crores, It earned ₹3.43 crores on Thursday. Street Dancer 3D stands at ₹56.77 crores till now.

Street Dancer three-D stands at ₹56.77 crores till now.

ABCD 2 Vs  Street Dancer 3D Box-Office Collections:

                                       ABCD 2                      Street Dancer 3D

First Day                     ₹14.28 crores                     ₹10.26 crores  
Saturday                     ₹15.37 crores                     ₹13.21 crores
Sunday                       ₹16.51 crores                     ₹17.76 crores
First Weekend            ₹46.16 crores                     ₹41.23 crores
First Week                  ₹71.87 crores                     ₹56.77 crores (Approx.)
Second Week              ₹24.24 crores                             -
Third Week                 ₹5.83 crores                               -
Lifetime India (net)    ₹104 crores                                -
Worldwide Gross       ₹159 crores                                 -

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