What is CORONAVIRUS & How to PROTECT YOURSELF? (Italy 700 People Die)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. The expert body on #coronavirus has released guidance for the general public and healthcare professionals on the symptoms of the virus. 

A person could be at risk if they have any or all of the following: Fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness, Such as coughing or difficulty breathing after traveling to Wuhan. Or having close contact with someone who is ill and is now under investigation for the virus in the past two weeks.

Fever or symptoms of lower respiratory illness after having close contact in the past two weeks with someone who's been confirmed to have the virus. The CDC defined close contact as being within about 6 feet (1.8 meters). Or within the room or care area of a person with the coronavirus for a prolonged period without appropriate protective clothing. Or having direct contact with the infectious secretions of a person with the virus without protective clothing.

Coronaviruses are particularly dangerous for people who have weaker immune systems, like young children and older adults. To protect yourself from the virus. Try to avoid contact with people who display symptoms similar to those of pneumonia or the common cold by coughing or a runny nose. Don't touch your eyes nose or mouth with unwashed hands. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and scrub for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when possible.

Avoid animals and animal markets. The only current treatment for coronavirus being offered is supportive in nature. If you notice any of these symptoms and conditions. Please contact your nearest professional healthcare setup. Help spread this information to everyone.

Thank you...

Italy tightens lockdown as over 700 people die from coronavirus in 24 hours:

Coronavirus Update

I guess I’d say even though the number of deaths is constantly rising in Italy, it’s a pretty tragic and somber situation here, I would just say this is a wake-up call to follow the rules, stay in your house.

It’s unfortunate that I have to constantly say these things on the news. I would prefer to do this some other way. It has come to this. Unfortunately, the numbers Are you going down, that hasn’t arrived here in Italy. We recorded 800 deaths today. It’s unfortunate and it’s sad.

Well, essentially it’s been a week since I left my house. I am probably not going to leave for another couple of days. As for the - what they put in place like we can Still, go to the market and the pharmacy, leave our house for necessary reasons but apart from that I haven’t, I am receiving news the same way the rest of the world is. I can’t give too many updates. I don’t know much. I am stuck in a high house.

At John Cabot University in Rome which means you are of a certain age that at first it was thought that you were not as vulnerable to the coronavirus. Your age group. And now there’s a new study saying you're I think the group is. What is it that you would like to directly say to some of your fellow millennials because it’s probably Better hearing it from you than me. I would just say to take me as an example, a couple weeks ago I thought the impossible would have never hand and then it happened.

So be safe, be smart. Make smart decisions. Start staying in your house, spend time with your family during this time, that’s really important. I can’t, So I am We’re kind of all in the same boat in Italy, all students that have remained. We’re trying to be grateful and learn the bigger lesson of all of this. There will be a Bigger lesson. I think that America can take the lesson that we are experiencing here in Italy. It will be really helpful to figure out the path that this will go on And if we can stop it potentially.

My family is in Massachusetts. I am able to facetime with them or e-mail with them, they’re concerned about me.

We are taking it as a day by day situation. My mom is more updated than anybody else I know probably on the coronavirus. She sends me constantly the daily statistics of it all. She keeps me updated. I am really grateful for that as well. But we’re taking it day by day like I said. We’re not sure when I’ll be home. I am not too up-to-date on what the travel restrictions are currently so I am not sure but I was looking at the price of tickets, they’re about $2,000. It’s not about the price, it’s more about the risk and we’re going to wait it out. But they miss me and I miss them.

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