Coronavirus: Spain reports more than 800 new deaths, Breaking News

The latest coronavirus developments around the world a memorial has been held for victims.


Madrid, Spain now has more infections than china and we have the latest death toll daily death toll of 812 over the last 24 hours and today we've had that minute's silence flags flying at half-mast. The country is obviously in lockdown but we've got new restrictions reinforcing that lockdown as of today preventing non-essential workers from traveling to their place of work. I should point out that the government is insisting that despite the distressing nature of the figures that we're reading we're hearing. It does believe that the country is seeing the flattening of that upward curve of the virus. Here in Spain which everyone seems to be talking about the flattening of that curve. 

The healthcare system no doubt it's really struggling since the crisis began the healthcare system has been under tremendous pressure. Particularly in those areas of the country that have seen bigger outbreaks. In Madrid up in Catalonia up in the Basque Country in the north as well those areas have all seen a tremendous amount of pressure on their local healthcare systems. One of the big problems has been a lack of medical equipment face masks respirators yesterday. A plane flew in from the Czech Republic which had donated 10,000 medical suits to Spain that reflects the desperation that really has Spain for medical equipment. And the intensive care units right now which were under tremendous pressure so that is a huge concern and no doubt like all major cities across the globe Madrid there is a ghost town.  I mean it's you know it's a Monday but you really wouldn't know it there is some traffic circulating, but you know a few buses a few taxis some of the cars. The streets are virtually desert edit's an unrecognizable city at the moment people do seem to be complying with the terms of this lockdown that's been now been in place for over two weeks under a state of emergency.  

The police have been patrolling the city enforcing that lockdown very tightly, in Madrid it's pretty much a deserted city and I think that's pretty much the same across the rest of the country as well. 

United States:

The united states down President Trump have said restrictions will be in place across the united states until at least the end of April. Now he previously said he hoped to relax the measures in easter the white house's medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned the virus could kill up to 200,000 Americans

As this global pandemic spreads waves of gratitude are quick to follow other cities have already thanked their health workers. New York a deafening chorus of appreciation echoing down manhattan's Mr. Penn's nose but there's disquiet to nurses and doctors say they don't have enough protective equipment. Told to wear masks not just for one patient but for up to five days it's putting all of us in danger because we're reusing masks that should never be reused. We're running out of so many things other protective equipment with America's city streets increasingly deserted. The prospects of a swift return to normality are fading officials are now warning of as many as 200,000 American fatalities. If we could hold that down as we're saying to a hundred thousand. It's a horrible number may be even less but to a hundred thousand so we have between a hundred and two hundred thousand. We all together have done a very good job but with the virus and the loft down come mounting economic hardship.

 New york's busy food banks now inundated with newcomers people deprived in the blink of an eye of the ability to put food on their tables in your leans before dawn emergency room. Doctor Tom Krajewski prepares for another long shift in a nearby hospital he says he's not used to seeing so many people not recovering. Instead, they have gotten worse while they've been in the hospital and in fact, many of them have passed away already in away. That's it's not normally a vast hospital ship is now more doff Los Angeles helping to relieve the pressure on California. The mercy has a thousand beds for non-coronavirus patients.  America's most popular state is now bracing for difficult days. 


A surge in new cases of coronavirus in japan amid fears that a lack of widespread testing has allowed the virus to spread undetected 68 new cases has been reported in Tokyo.  Japan has not instituted many of the virus protection measures seen in other countries he's referred Wingfield haze. So these new measures the Japanese government has brought in are really. In response to a significant pickup in the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in japan over the last week or so and we've seen a particularly large rise in Tokyo over the last few days. So on Saturday and Sunday, we saw more than 60 new cases on both days that's much higher than we've seen in previous weeks. And really japan looked like it had this epidemic well under control for most of the last month that the figures have been going up. 

But they've been going up very slowly and then really suddenly the middle of last week it started to look like there was acceleration. And on Saturday evening prime minister Shinzo abe a came out and said that he was concerned that Tokyo might be on the verge of a very major outbreak. What's really strange here living here in Tokyo is that even now life is going on pretty much as normal over the weekend parks. The city's parks were all closed down people were told to stay at home department stores were closed and so the streets were much much quieter. But come Monday morning today we have seen people go back to work it's still very busy the city's notoriously crowded subway network is just as crowded as normal. 

So it is still very strange and a lot of people are questioning why it is that the government of Prime Minister Shinzo abe and the Tokyo city government has not taken stronger measures that were ours. 

Now let's look at some of the other developments in the coronavirus outbreak this hour easy jet is grounding its entire fleet because of the coronavirus pandemic. The aviation industry is dealing with stringent global travel restrictions and nuclear deadlines for when they might be lifted partly. As a result of the lack of demand from airlines, oil prices have fallen to their lowest level in almost 20 years. The benchmark Brent crude has fallen to just above 23 dollars a barrel. Other prices have dropped below 20 dollars there is an upside however air pollution levels appear to have dropped in European cities. Since movement restrictions were introduced data from the European environment agency shows Madrid's levels more than half after non-essential travel was banned two weeks, ago. 


After Australia and that country has announced that in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus the government is now limiting social gatherings to just two people down from 10 they have also unveiled an 80 billion us dollar financial package to help the economy. The new measures include a job keeper subsidy to try and help businesses retain at least 6 million jobs over the next six months of uncertainty. The new package is the latest in a series of huge announcements over the past week that will see the government invest heavily to support the unemployed and small businesses during the crisis. Each day brings new historical history-making announcements by the government what we've seen today this 80 billion dollar package. To help keep about 6 million Australian workers in their jobs is something that Australia has never ever seen this is an attempt by the Australian government. 

Essentially to put the economy into hibernation so when the coronavirus crisis is finally over. The hope is that the workforce can spring back into action. Now in about 45 minutes' time here in eastern Australia radical measures will be brought in to try to force Australians to a deer to very strict social distancing regulations. As of midnight in Australia, the number of people allowed to gather outside will be limited to just two people. So the chief medical officer saying that these are radical measures trying to flatten the curve here in Australia. 

A country with more than 4,000 known cases of covid-19 and 18 deaths Phill perhaps those measures were needed. I mean who could forget those images on Bondi beach with crowds of people gathered there. These concerns about coronavirus I think simply speaking many people in this country up until the last few days probably weren't getting the message this is a relatively isolated country. Australia is using its geography to essentially establish itself as a fortress. All foreign nationals are banned from this country, but I think the authorities have been dismayed they have been aghast at those images of people not just on Bondi beach. But other public places as well. And that is why these very strict social gathering regulations come into force so Australia is doing all it can to try to flatten the curve and these new regulations mean essentially that the two crowds and three is a crime for mercer.

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