Happy 26th Birthday Justin Bieber!

'Never stop being the great person you are. us today, tomorrow and always here by your side.'
'In case yall are unaware this kid playing drums is now a 26-year-old grown-ass married man

'26 years ago today, in a small town in Canada, a talented icon was born. He became one of the most successful, popular, influential and controversial artists of the century. He's the one and only'

'Justin Bieber. that’s it, that’s the tweet'

'yall remember in 2012 when 18-year-old Justin told Oprah that one of his goals was to be happily married by the age of 25 and Oprah was like "rethink that" and now 8 years later he's happily married and turning 26. I'm crying.'

'Happy Birthday Justin. I am so thankful you came into my life, 11 years and counting. oh how you changed my life for the better. I wanna know how you’re 26?! time is going by far too quickly. love u so much and you have no idea how proud I am of u'

'we were all kids. we grew up together, and together we passed through tears of despair and tears of happiness. now we're all grown up, but we are still here for him and he's still the same boy with a sincere smile that illuminates the whole world.'

'Hey Justin, we love you, we wish you all the best, we are forever grateful to have you in our lives, you are an incredible human being, we love yo! 😍❤️'

'All jokes aside, I have been crazy in love with this man for 8 years. You are the love of my life!'

'im not crying, YOU ARE'

'13 years ago this boy created a youtube acc to show his family his performance at a singing contest not knowing that so many people would fall in love with his voice &13 years later today, the same boy is known as JUSTIN BIEBER'

'happy birthday to the kindest,
purest soul to ever walk on Earth.thank you for these amazing 10 years, I know it hasn't been easy for you.i admire the wonderful man you've become and I'm ready to spend other 10+ years by your side.i love you to death.'

'i grew up with him even some people who drag him now. respect this man, he was the only thing that makes my childhood better, there was too much family shit around me, I was hating on my dad, I was on the edge of anxiety, this man saved me. so grateful'


And clearly, there were masses of love from the Beliebers as his fanatics are known, whole with lots of child photos.
Enjoy your day Biebs.

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