How Do We Handle Hard Times in Life? Sadhguru Simple Answers

When you may research - "the way to take care of my concept, a way to cope with my emotion" We will give you devise display to parent this machine out...something the problem we can do out pleasant, however, this ought to not be an issue.


In lifestyles, there are numerous phrases in which we sense that we are depressed, we are lonely, and when everybody is against us, and there may be nobody to, So at that moment, how must we manage it, or how need we cope with it?


This is an unlucky situation that a whole lot of humans are of their experience, in their private experience; life is like, “me versus the universe”. Being in opposition to the universe is a stupid element to do. That's no longer a competition you have to get into. Me, as opposed to the universe, is a bad competition to get into. So that is why yoga, Yoga does not mean twisting and turning your body. Right now, it is me versus the universe- this is simply your psychological circumstance.

Even when you feel entirely lonely, are you continue to breathing?

You only cannot get at the side of the human beings around you.

You have a transaction with the world, is not it?

Your life is constantly in engagement with the universe, but your thoughts turn into the universe. If you create a psychological condition which you are in opposition to or you are in opposition with the universe or the cosmos, glaringly will experience crushed for small matters.

When I say little matters – perhaps you failed your examination, perhaps you bought thrown out of the university, perhaps you obtain fired from a job, perhaps any individual ditched. These are all small matters between life and death. Because you got here right here with nothing, when you die, there is no container carrier for you. In spite of that, most humans have grown to become their houses into warehouses.

Most human beings are wearing such big bags on their head as if they are carrying the whole universe on their head.

Your notion and emotion are what you are talking about.

When are you going to determine out a way to manage your idea and emotion?

When are you going to learn how to cope with my idea and my emotion?

(At the quit of your lifestyles?) The only problem, truly, with life is simply this – maximum people have taken themselves too seriously.

You've visible on the computer display these pop-ups?

No, no, you should see the endless wide variety of people such as you and me has walked this planet, they were also big humans.

(Where are they?) (All topsoil?) (Topsoil or no?) Unless any individual, your buddies determined to bury you real deep, fearing that you can also rise from the dead.

Or maybe you’re making plans to visit heaven. Hello?

Anybody who talks approximately an area apart from this place as a higher region than this – this is a crime towards humanity.

My essential paintings are to spoil all heavens so that humans will research to live well right here. All those idiots who made a hell out of themselves, they need to go to heaven.
They made a multitude out of this vicinity, after which they need to visit heaven.

I'm asking you, do you've got any proof?

Simply due to the fact you aren't even getting to know the way to manage your basic faculties of thought and emotion. Your only justification is “Everybody is like this, only” – it is how it's miles in a madhouse. That is how it's far in a madhouse, best a physician appears crazy. So whilst are you going to address it?

When will you discover ways to take care of my notion, a way to take care of my emotion, how to take care of my body, how to cope with my chemistry – while are you 
going to discern this, at the give up of your lifestyles?

Do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and messing it up?

You're already in heaven, making a mess out of it. Because this tradition has grown – when to do spirituality means whilst you're seventy, whilst you're no appropriate for whatever else. At the earliest possible time, something is most profound about you, no longer approximately heavens, approximately this life, the entirety which you need to realize 

you must recognize soonest Because this is the most serious crowd I've ever seen within the last few years. This came about – Shankaran Pillai, while he was in Paris, become married to a French woman. One day, it became their anniversary – the first anniversary.

If we tell you a joke, you won’t get offended?

Then within the evening, she said – because the French have this, you know, snail appetizer– she said, “Go to the beach and get a few snails, fresh.

And I will make a few appetizers for all the friends’ who are coming.” So Shankaran Pillai went to the seaside and he becomes choosing up all of the, Then he met an antique friend, an Indian guy, they hit it off and they spoke to me approximately their antique times, he just forgot that he is married.

His French wife waiting & he said, I need to go. And he went. He turned back and said, Come on guys - You know; whilst you meet vintage buddies it happens. And each of them went to a bar and they had some drinks, and he simply forgot. Then he realized the snails were just mountain climbing out, and takes one snail fell out of the bucket.

He found out, Oh my god, I'm imagined to take the snails. He knew it's no longer going to be pleasant. So he got here close to the residence and spilled all of the snails on the ground, threw away the bucket, and went and knocked on the door.

So while are you going to select your snails and put them within the bucket and connect them with your problems?

These aren't problems, I need you to recognize you aren't struggling with your existence; you are handiest struggling two first-rate faculties. It's a privilege of being human that we've got those two extraordinary faculties. This is because of this memory our lifestyles are so wealthy in contrast to another creature and we have a remarkable sense of imagination. The two most outstanding faculties you have are suffering. One is we've got a vivid feel of reminiscence.

Now that is what you're suffering, what occurred ten years ago you can nonetheless suffer, why?

What may additionally appear day after day after today you're already struggling?

You need to turn out to be once again an earthworm. An earthworm is a totally green creature, I have nothing towards it. But it took tens of millions of years of evolution to get you this size of mind and now you're suffering it.

If we do away with half your brain, of course, you'll sit there without any anxiety without any struggling, peacefully. out because in your existence many troubles will come, more troubles come up in your life approach you're residing a greater lively lifestyle.

I even have the most variety of hassle taking place in my existence on a daily basis because of so much interest around the world, international degree of pastime What we need is we want to cast off your brain because you're suffering your personal intelligence.

Because we gave you a totally complex gadget, you have not stricken to study even the user's manual, you want to just blunder around. No?

Young people, it's time you figure out a few things about you if you do not know how we can give you tools a way to discern this system Nothing got here up manner you are no longer dwelling.

Volunteers manner nobody is certified for the process and you can't hearth them for inefficiency and that they love you, what to do?

So, this one element you must restoration that is in your life, you are not the issue, okay?

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