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An unprecedented move in Italy as the coronavirus continues to spread. The prime minister has put a total lockdown for all 60 million people until next month. Italy has the biggest cluster of cases with more than 7300 infected patients at this time. Amy Kellogg is a life in Florence. There have been rolling and regional restrictions over the past few weeks. 

Italy lockdown until April as coronavirus spreads
The prime minister took Italians by surprise last night by saying I have a new decree for the whole nation and that can be summarized as I will stay at home. Now, it is not clear how stringent these new rules will be, how they will be enforced. But a document, a permission slip that needs to be filled out by every person who chooses to move around has been published.

It has to go to the interior ministry and be approved. Not just movement anymore into and out of northern Italy that is being restricted. Now the entire country of light is on lockdown. There will no longer be a red zone or zone 1 and 2. There will be Italy. That’s a protected zone people became very panicked last night after hearing about this having enough provisions. Lines outside supermarkets where they’re letting people in small numbers and enforcing the three-foot distance rule.

The situation outside prisons remain tense with police worried about riots after it broke out after visitations and restrictions were announced. That remains calm this morning. That remains calm this morning very tense. 

Again it is not clear exactly how this is going to work out. I snuck out to get a few provisions this morning and there are holes and inconsistencies in how it is all working. Basically, the idea is in order to limit the spread of cases here what the government is trying its best to do is limit contact between people. So nobody is kind of expanding.

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