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Starring Taapsee Pannu in the lead role. The movie is directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar & Anubhav Sinha. The movie released on February 28th, 2020.
Thappad Box Office Collection Day 4

Thappad, Collect Rs. 3.07 crores on its day 1 and a little bit increase in day 2 collection Rs 5.05 crores. On Sunday day 3, the movie performed well and earned Rs 6.54 crores. The total box office collections of Thappad movies are Rs. 14.66 crores during its 1st weekend. On Monday day 4, the movie may earn upto Rs. 7.0 crores.

With Thappad, Taapsee and Anubhav bring to us the story of Amrita, who decides to file a petition for divorce from her husband [Pavail Gulati] after he slaps her in front of everybody at a celebration party.

After Socially Delicate movies like MulkArticle-15 director Anubhav & actress Taapsee are now coming with new but not social talk topic 'Thappad'. The film is made on the issue of domestic violence and abuse, Anubhav raises an important matter that affects married life- Is slap just such a thing.

Thappad Day 1 Box Office Collection ➤

[WEEK 1]

Day                     India Net Collection

Day 1                    Rs. 3.07 Crores

Day 2                    Rs. 5.05 Crores

Day 3                    Rs. 6.54 Crores

Day 4                    Rs. 7.00 Crores   (Expected)

Total-                   Rs. 21.66 Crores



The portrayal of Vikram as an otherwise nice man was necessary to understand that violence against women is not simply committed by “monstrous”, lower class or lower caste men. 


One of the finest scenes in the film is where @taapsee is manically rearranging the furniture in the house after the fateful events at the party. Without a word being spoken that scene describes the state of her mind so potently. #ThappadReview.


All the supporting actors were perfect in their characters! The debutant #pavailgulati was fab in his grey character! A hundred points symbol #diamirza was also a delight to watch in her small character! Two heart direction of @anubhavsinha was strong! Fire...Rating: 8/10Sparkles... #Thappad #ThappadReview.


Thappad, a Humanist Film, highlights how we as human beings are conditioned, driven by taboos/social stigma & get accustomed to ‘Normal’... #Thappad #ThappadMovie  #ThappadReview  #ThappadMovieReview

#ThappadReview - 2/5.


Thappad, a Humanist Film, highlights how we as human beings are conditioned, driven by taboos/social stigma & get accustomed to ‘Normal’. Well-crafted characters awaken a new circuitry in our mind, prompts to look within #Thappad #ThappadMovie  #ThappadReview  #ThappadMovieReview.


Watched THAPPAD today! Such a well-written movie. You've become an ideal for me sir @anubhavsinha and @mrunmayeelagoo. Also, I wanted to ask if Vikram had apologized earlier in the film would his fate have been different? #ThappadReview.


वो एक थप्पड़ कभी कोई पत्नी नहीं भूलती। वो उसे उसी तरह अपनी याद में संभाल के रखती है जैसे सुहाग की निशानियां। बेहतरीन लेख @Manishaworld
#Thappad #ThappadMovie #ThappadReview @anubhavsinha @taapsee.


I watched THAPPAD yesterday and I was astonished to see such a beautiful story. @taapsee ma'am you killed it Military medalHeart suit @anubhavsinha great job sir Sun with rays #ThappadMovie #ThappadReview.


Beautifully depicts the existence of patriarchy amidst the best of the people. Just shows how deeply rooted patriarchy is, that it has just become second-nature to undermine a woman in front of a man. Fabulous work by the cast. Must Watch!


India Net Collection Rs. 21.66 Crores      

Worldwide Collection Rs. 27.50 Crores   

Overseas Collection Rs. 03.00 Crores      

India Gross Collection Rs. 24.50 Crores  

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