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Directed by: @midjordan
Edited by: @ToryLanez
Produced by: @eastsidemovie_

Tory Lanez - W Lyrics

I can't step back on my block without no W
Lil bitch think I am finna chase
yeah I find another you
I am outchea thugging rolling stogeys from this gas station
I am ducking paparazzi flash
lily bitch, I am trapped famous
So many people know my pockets it's like my stash famous
I remember being so broke
shit I ain't wanna have no babies
We were project playing till Cliff came with that black Mercedess

If you were pussy then
you pussy now
you can not erase it
I never saw us becoming famous in my imaginations
Sat in too many rooms with losers who was procrastinating
Screaming GANG GANG GANG it seems so fascinatings
The gang is at the walls
O and three they catchings cases
On the block that's where I bet the Wraith is
Shining on these white folk's that was acting racist
When your influence too bigger then they assassinate you
When you keep this shit is too real they wanna fabricate you
Baby mama's on my phone
she outchea bitching at me
Do not talk to me right now my dawg
I am trigger happy
It's like my girlfriend always mad whenever a nigga happy

It's like my girlfriend always mad whenever my niggas happy
Out in Amsterdam
I am at the coffee shop
I ain't conversating if you talk a lot
Niggas only half winning
shit we one and two
So I can not step back on my block without no W...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                           

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