World Health Organisation Change its name to ( WHO ) To ( CHO ) China Health Organisation

World Health Organisation Change its name to ( W-H-O ) TO ( C-H-O ) China Health Organisation & Questioning WHO for excluding Taiwan.

Chinese Virus WHO

Pro Taiwan Japanese politician Aso Tero blasted the World Health Organization for bowing to China and excluding Taiwan. Speaking to Japanese lawmakers the deputy prime minister said the (WHO) World Health Organisation should change its name to the (CHO) China Health Organisation. 

He said being excluded from the global health body. Taiwan was driven to become a world leader in combating the coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponement of the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Speaking in Japan's Parliament the country's Deputy Prime Minister levels fresh criticism against China.

Although the details are murky the WHO previous Director-General was a Chinese national and at the time there were complaints all around and now at least the petition has gathered 300,000 signatures or rather 500,000 signatures. People think the World Health Organization should change its name it shouldn't be called the WHO it should be renamed the CHO this appeal is truly resonating with the people. 

The Japan official took issue with former WHO Director-General Margaret Chan charging her with inadequate accountability, he said the current Director-General was no better for giving into China's spin about the coronavirus. Early on if the WHO had not insisted to the world that China had no pneumonia epidemic then everybody would have taken precautions the WHO which is a global organization does not even include Taiwan and then precisely because Taiwan is not a member of the WHO it becomes a world leader in fighting the epidemic. 

Then after that statement is made the CCP jumps out to correct it says Taiwan is a region, not a country also had once said that Taiwan in various ways is a country that shares common values of a Japan he's regarded as a member of the pro-Taiwan camp and Japanese politics and made the pandemic he's turned to China with a critical eye questioning its claim that the virus was contained and insisting on using the term Wuhan virus.

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