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'Relevant' is the latest song performed by 'Chronic Law'. The song released at Chronic Law VEVO Official youtube channel on April 19th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Relevant
Artist: Chronic Law
Copyright: 2020 Shab Don Records / Dan Sky Records
Release Date: April 19th, 2020.

Relevant Lyrics:

Suh, yuh feel like him tough
45 fat like the car when it rims up
Bobo Hill
Wi nuh like rasta we mix up
5 inna belly, every bone pon di ribs bruk-Yeah

Anu great man, ah waste man, yuh hear dat?
Dem strongest soldier nu-uh brave like ah?
Circle demm area widd bare Glock
E Patriot aah show true color when ee fake grass aah race off-Yeah

St. James anuh game, shallow grave
Man ah stain up fe days, anuh stink up e place
What ah way dem ah wait fi mi state
Mi nuh stray, same garlic blade cut him hair ge him aah fadde
Humpty dumpty ting ah pickney ting look how di pumpy stay
Mi wul de K inna one lovely way and open out yuh faces
Any scheme weh mi touch ah we run every phase
Juvenile ah me decide when people fe pay
Rockfort have we rifle, 
Yeah de rifle inna green and gold
Squeeze it bwoy?
Demm must bun weed and cooke
Rapid up ee big lip rasta weh feed pon pork
Bashy ever have it, couple Maatic inna fe him JanSport
If those idiot fools par inna trees and forest
Dem get it neat and cold
Ah suh G man role
Fling bottle boom inna dem house

And have dem family ah sleep pon road
Me head madd
Pyscho bullet ah poison from I young
Me buy gun, killing ah my fun
Anywhere we go, wi light up e place like bulb
And if e place dark, ah di rifle meek light cut
Mi nuh see unuh, unuh nnuh relevant
Unuh aah pussy wiid period and belly cramps
Just aah do disc fe de whole ah me fans
If demm nuh pick war, dem nuh have nuh song...

Dem ah plan but demm wrong
Dem ah try get demm songs inna di top 10 rank
Cyan drain nuh energy ah suh mi nuh power bank
Feme the gun, project ah millions of lawsuits fe flower gon
Badman ah ShabDon ah fuck yuh baby mother Shan
And she aah seh yuuh n'ave nuh use and fe unuh gyalish ting ah prank
Nothing inna de world cyan save yuh
All if yuh try fi go live wid yuh soldier man
Spanish Town, dem know seh di link strongs

Ah wah, fool demm, who wanna get involved?
Every man ah get it, yasuh suh problem solve
Nobody cyan scatters when demm see mi rental aah bait dead man...

Suh, yuh feel like him tuff
.45 fat like the car when it rims up
Bobo Hill...

Yuh know di ting go enuh
Mi nuh have time fi waste pon waste man
Murder wi do,
See pree?
Wah know how dem find time fi put my song pon dem head
And man d'even notice dem
Strength dah ah look again
Suck yuh muma...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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