Coronavirus: US Death Toll Passes 2,000 in a Single Day

The United States has become the first country in the world to record more than 2,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day.

Coronavirus US Death Toll Passes 2,000 in a Single Day

According to numbers compiled by Johns Hopkins University, 2,108 people died in the last 24 hour period. The US has the highest number of cases in the world now. It's just past half a million it is also recorded the second-highest number of deaths over eighteen thousand seven hundred (18,700) that's just behind Italy. NewYork State alone now has more confirmed cases than any single country in the world. 

Well it's been a very difficult 24 hours for the United States. The US has seen the deadliest day of coronavirus attacks so deaths if you like that any country has seen so far more than 2,000 people died of the virus. Today and that brings the total of deaths here to of nearly 19,000 half a million Americans have been infected by the coronavirus

And the United States is on track to surpass Italy's total of the most number of deaths worldwide. Now more than half of those deaths occurred in New York State but there is a glimmer of hope there because the governor revealed today that the curve appears to be flattening. As they say the number of hospitalizations there has stabilized and that's a statistic that Donald Trump has seized on in his bid to get this country back in business as quickly as possible. 

He announced today that he's assembled a task force to advise him on that and the Trump administration is not downplaying suggestions that this country could be back in action to some extent anyway by the 1st of May.

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More coronavirus cases in New York alone than in any country outside the US:

More coronavirus cases in New York alone than in any country outside the US
More coronavirus cases in New York

Passengers have thinned out on New York subways but that's no assurance to many people who need the ride so you've got away for the next train or you got to go to a different part. So far we know your cuz we don't listen that's a problem keeping your distance from other experts agree that social distancing. Combined with aggressive testing of suspected cases is the fastest way to tackle Covid-19. But there aren't enough tests for the job in NewYork and elsewhere in the US. NewYork's governor says companies now cannot provide the numbers needed we need an unprecedented mobilization where the government can produce these tests in the millions.

US President Trump pointed to progress in the numbers of new cases. The other side you have the numbers of beds being used we're just saying is substantially reduced. That's usually the sign that it's heading in the downward curve but the death toll continues to mount hundreds in new york die every day. Hospitals are repurposing refrigerator trucks as makeshift morgues. And in the city's reserved site for unmarked graves burials have spiked. The weekly average is now being reached every day the rise is being attributed to Covid-19.

As you know the numbers are staggering thousands of deaths here in New York 777 people died between Thursday and Friday alone. The daily briefings Governor Cuomo has to present these numbers to the people of his state and he says it's extremely painful to do this these are families that have lost loved ones. But he is saying that there are signs of hope right now and that's what we have to look at as we move forward in terms of the hospitalizations.

He's saying the number of hospitalizations is down slightly and also the number of people entering intensive care units is also slightly down. There is about that the differential was about 17 people it seems like a very small number. When you look at the previous week where over 300 people entered the ICU on a daily basis. This signs a hope of optimism for him there, so he has been highlighting those facts but of course, this means to keep those hospitalization numbers down. 

The New Yorkers need to do what they've been asked to do and that's to stay at home unless they absolutely have to go outside they're an essential worker. If they're making that grocery store run and if they do go outside to socially distance themselves from others. 

Hart Island has been holding people there as their final resting place for over a hundred years this location in the Bronx has been taking people who passed away. Who don't have families or whose families can't afford private burials? Hospitals are running out of space in a capacity that they're having to send people there. So generally in the past what's happened is there's been one day of burials where they see about 24 bodies on average. But right now they're seeing that number every day and it's five days a week

So certainly a spike there and this again is happening because the morgues are running out of capacity. The medical examiner's office has now said that anyone that passes away they'll hold the bodies for 14 days before sending them to Hart island. And there are reports that if family members come forward at some point they will be able to move their loved ones to another location. Every person is being treated with respect we'll zoom out quickly if he can what is the rest of the United States looking like right now. 

I think one of the biggest concerns right now when we look across the country is that the US had its first confirmed case of Covid-19 on January 21st. We're now into April and there's still no nationally coordinated response president Trump has resisted issuing a nationwide lockdown issued theirs on March 19th. Florida did it after Spring Break on April 2nd and this to infectious disease experts is not the ideal situation they want a nationwide response. President Trump is not willing to do that right now and there are concerns about that.

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