Blood Plasma Of Coronavirus Survivors Be The Key To A Vaccine? Today News

The Trump administration is promoting possible new treatments for covid-19, including one that uses convalescent plasma.

Coronavirus Vaccine

This treatment involves taking blood plasma from patients who have already recovered from the virus. On Saturday Houston methodist hospital became the first in the nation to use the therapy transferring plasma from a survivor to a covid-19 patient. That plasma may have parts of the immune system like antibodies against the covid-19 virus that could potentially help patients that are currently. Help patients that are currently sick with covid-19.

The treatment has been around for decades, used with varying degrees of success during past viral outbreaks, including the 1918 epidemic, ebola and sars. Overnight anti-Malaria drug supported by president trump now fast-tracked by FDA to be used as an experimental treatment for covid-19. It could be a game-changer, and maybe not. A doctor from the University of Minnesota is one of the first FDA approved physicians to conduct clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine. First trial looking at preventing. The disease and people who have high-risk exposure. The second trial is looking at people who once they develop symptoms, early symptoms, can get preemptive therapy Early in the treatment.

We’re hoping to have it in a matter of weeks and not months. Other drugs are on the table, too, including the unapproved antiviral drug redeliver. Unsuccessful at Treating ebola but now in clinical trials for covid-19. X-rays got Chris got the drug was in the hospital. I got on that. Three or four days later - 48 hours I felt a lot better. Promising leads while pharmaceutical companies try for the ultimate goal, a vaccine. One even started with human trials. The experience was very similar to Getting the flu shot. My arm is even less sore than flu shots I’ve had in the past, so I am feeling good. Experts warn it will take time. Some estimate up to 18 Months. That’s considered record speed. Round-the-clock research with modern medicine could try to stop the global threat.

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