COVID-19 May Cause Brain Damage, Other Bodily Ailments

Coronavirus-positive patients around the world have shown evidence of damage to other parts of the body, including the liver, heart, and brain.

COVID-19 -May-Cause-Brain-Damage-Other-Bodily-Ailments
COVID-19  May Cause Brain Damage

While patients diagnosed with Coronavirus normally complain of a cough, difficulty breathing, and fever, others have also shown signs of encephalopathy. Encephalopathy refers to any brain disease, malfunction, or damage. The New York Times reports that a 74-year-old Florida man who was diagnosed with Coronavirus and also had Parkinson’s and chronic lung disease lost his ability to speak.

A female airline worker in her late 50s also diagnosed with COVID-19 similarly became less responsive and could not say much other than her name. Scans of her brain showed that it had suffered from abnormal swelling and inflammation, causing the death of several brain cellsPatients have also been reported having seizures and strokes, with some even losing their sense of smell or taste. The loss of smell or taste has been associated with neurological damage. 

Henry Ford Health System neurologist Dr. Elissa Fory said that this “may indicate the virus can invade the brain directly in rare circumstances”. A newly published study by scientists in China found that out of 34 COVID-19 patients, the biological measures of those who survived “failed to return to normal”. This applied to survivors of both mild and severe cases.

According to the Los Angeles Times, many of the recovered patients still showed impaired liver function despite being discharged and testing negative for the disease twice. Cardiologists are also concerned about the effects of the disease on the heart.

In a study published in March, it was found that almost 12% of COVID-19 survivors in China exhibited heart failure, despite some not showing signs of respiratory distress. Yale University cardiologist Dr. Harlan Krumholtz explains that “COVID-19 is not just a respiratory disorder”.

When the lungs fail to properly deliver oxygen to the rest of the body, the heart may weaken after being put under severe stress. The disease can then affect the rest of the body, including the blood system, kidneys, endocrine system, brain, and liverA significant number of patients have said that they also experienced gastrointestinal discomfort such as diarrhea. 

Many doctors believe that COVID-19 may have long-term effectsUnfortunately, because the disease was detected only late last year, there have yet to be long-term survivors of the disease.

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