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'BLAME IT ON BABY' lyrics is the latest song performed by 'DaBaby'. The song is produced by Jasper Harris, Jae Green & DJ K.i.D & lyrics are written by DaBaby. The song released at DaBaby Official youtube channel on April 17th, 2020.

Song Details:

Artist: DaBaby
Producer: Jasper Harris, Jae Green & DJ K.i.D
Album: Blame It On Baby
Writer: DaBaby
Release Date: April 17th, 2020.

Blame It On Baby Lyrics:

I am like, "Fuck it, let the beat build nigga"
I do my own thing, ain’t worry about how he feels nigga - let's go
Especially, yeah, I am a RiRi nigga-can I get are-?
Yeah, a refill, nigga
Your favorite rapper saying fucking with baby, somebody lie

Play with your kids cause the last nigga to play me, somebody die-yeah, yeah
Playing both sides, go play the victim, oh, not the crying
I waterpark, when I slip in the baby she let me slide
Chocolate-ass nigga-yeah, real nigga rockstar
The platinum-selling pop star, popping ass nigga-pop
My bitch is like a barbie-woo
Like I am pop smoke
I lift her one leg when she drops that ass, nigga-drop
Shade room, baby-shade
Shade who?
Everybody blame you, you balling like you babe ruth, baby-huh
Blame it on baby, I let the beat build-wait a minute, who are you?
Okay k.I.D, drop the beat and watch me take it home baby-let's go...

I get chicken, no tender, five Lil bitches on twitter
And I don't know these hoes on insta
Brand new drip, I wear it one time like a nigga can't fit it
Blame it on baby, a greazy lil nigga-greaze
Iphone ringing who is?-brr
Probably some Lil nigga bitch
He fucks with my ho ho
And he thinks, he hurting my feelings, I already hit-ha, sike
He must ain't hurt about baby, he must not know about Jon Jon
I heard they shut down the airport
Hopped on a jet to la, bitch, I am balling like bron-bron
Bdb, we gonna cut up regardless
I know I am on top, I am a target
My young nigga balling like Giannis

You play, we gonna pull up and shoot
Top floor, the penthouse, biggest one still in charlotte-let's go
I know these hoes gonna creep
I will never be a full?-she meet
I am the type of letting how to do what she wants
I am the type of letting a bitch do what she please-please
I ain't breaking bread on cheap
Nine out of ten of these niggas naive
Lame ass nigga might as well be a rack
Let not a how-to run down?-slow down, slow down...

I saw the job, the police nigga
You know that shit just see on
You don't know me, nigga- let's go
You crossed the line, gonna have to show me nigga
They like why you switched the beat​
Because of my flow neat nigga
I thought he couldn't switch the flow
How the hell is he switching the beat up?
They don't know who they fucking with
Do this shit with my feet up
Yawning on these niggas
Sit back, go to sleep
I get woken by a Lil freak
With my dick in the mouth, she eats up
300k in cash app, still pull out the visa
Ain't going on a date, tell a bitch to order a pizza
Gone end up being dominos
I can't even lie, I am a player I had a count of hoes
Way before the designer clothes

I put on the sweatsuit and leave with your ho
A whole of reading full of people, they see me at the show
Do you know?
I rock the show and I lay low with my freak
There ain't too many rappers that can fuck with me, and she knows
Let's go...

I know these hoes gonna creep
I never [?] to see me
I am the type to let a ho do what she wants
I am the type to let a bitch do what she, please
I bring the bread, I am cheap
Nine out of ten of these niggas naive
Lame ass nigga may as well be tracked
Letting all these hoes run away with your tees, please...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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