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'Pick Up' Lyrics is the latest song performed by 'DaBaby' from the album 'Blame It On Baby' & featuring 'Quavo'. The song is produced by DJ K.i.D & lyrics are written by Quavo & DaBaby. The song released at DaBaby Official youtube channel on April 17th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Pick Up
Artist: DaBaby
Featuring: Quavo
Producer: DJ K.i.D
Album: Blame It On Baby
Writer: Quavo & DaBaby
Mixing Engineer: Chris West

Recording Engineer: DJ K.i.D
Mastering Engineer: Glenn A. Tabor III
Label: South Coast Music Group & Interscope Records
Copyright: Interscope Records & South Coast Music Group
Release Date: April 17th, 2020.

Pick Up Lyrics:

Let's go
Wait a minute, who are you? - Ayy, yo, K.i.D

Pick up, pick up, pick up
Better watch his Lil bitch cause I am up off the liquor
I have been turning her down, she on goes, tryna get up

Crack a smile at your ho, she gonna fall out and shiver
Nigga going out sad about the ho, he a Skittle - Sweet
Take the jeet to New York like I am Jigga - Yoom
When you popping, you know that come with paparazzi
I hate going outside, they all know I am that nigga -Let's go

Slide on a nigga, they drive through like Wendy's -Slide
They all pray for the time of the day, I been busy
I turned her down, now that lil niggaa picky
She wasn't getting no moneey, I told her to miss me
Oh, why all like taking pictures? Think why all niggaas sissy
My Lil niggaa been loyal, I threw him a fifty
I pull up in an Escalade, hoop out in Timberlands
My bitches, she got finger wave hair like she Missy - Bitch
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
I look better in person, Lil ho, I get jiggy
Spend those Lil moneys, I ain't tryna save it

We ain't tripping on none of that, bitches, we got plenty - Bread
Bread on your head, bitches, I am Jiffy
Fuck around, drop a movie on niggas likee 50
If Big Worm would have pulled up, I would have started hitting
If Deebo choked me out, bitch, I would have killed him, bitch...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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