US President Donald Trump: US At Top of The Hill of COVID-19 Infections

President Trump said, the US is 'at the top of the hill' of coronavirus infections.  However, Trump did not give any data to support his claim during the briefing. Trump also said that 19 therapies and treatments are currently being tested.

US President Donald Trump- US At Top of The Hill of COVID-19 Infections
US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump:

We're at the top of the hill and now we're going downward in some cases we've already started that process. We're also seeing encouraging signs in our race to develop breakthrough treatments and therapies. Pfizer revealed today that it has found a promising new treatment that might prevent the virus from replicating and that hopes it hopes to begin testing in clinical trials very soon. 

It's going to be very soon, they have great feelings for this particular therapy. And they think that a lot of good things are happening through the FDA's coronavirus treatment acceleration program 19 therapies. And treatments are now being tested and 26 more are in the active planning or clinical trial. So we have 19 therapies being tested currently and 26 more are in the active planning for clinical trials that's a big statement that's a lot.

The companies that manufacture hydroxychloroquine are massively ramping up production. As you know many people are recommending strongly z-pak beheaded. The z-pak and also zinc and the federal government continues to build our stockpiles and distribute millions of doses for doctors to use. 

As they see fit and I'm pleased to inform you we're just having a lot of good things are happening. But we'll have to see how that all works out but we have we've purchased and we have stockpiled millions and millions of doses. And we're distributing it some states wanted very badly Michigan we just sent a lot to Michigan.

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