127 EU Politicians Sign Letter Supporting Taiwan’s Participation in WHO

Over the coronavirus pandemic, 127 prominent European politicians have signed two petitions. 

EU Support Taiwan Participation in WHO
EU Support Taiwan Participation in WHO

Expressing support for Taiwan's inclusion in the World Health Organization. Signatories include members of the EU Parliament and the German Bundestag. Some even went a step further to personally highlight the president's Hice recent rebuttal of racism allegations from WHO director-general. Dr. Tedros.

Taiwan's donation of 1 million face masks at Luxembourg Airport has been made into a 20-second video with English subtitles. It is now being shared on the official Twitter page of the European Union over 100 leaders and politicians in the European Parliament. And the German Bundestag have voiced their support of Taiwan.

A total of a hundred and twenty-seven European dignitaries from the European Parliament and the German Bundestag has sent joint letters lauding Taiwan. And saying how our epidemic response model is worth emulating. The letters also actively support Taiwan's participation in the WHO. One letter was initiated by EU parliament member Yvonne Stowe phonic of Slovakia.  In just a few days the letter was signed by 67 EU parliamentarians from six-party caucuses. The signatories come from a wide range of countries including Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, and others.  

The letter states that the WHO treatment of Taiwan is part of China has created a problem for Taiwan. And that the Taiwanese people are not treated according to the WHO motto of health for all and leave no one behind. It a firms Taiwan's early vigilance and effective efforts in containing Covid-19 and asks for Taiwan's full participation in both the World Health Assembly as an observer and the WHO disease prevention mechanisms. 

As for the joint letter from Germany it was initiated by Anita scarf ER chairperson of the German Chinese Association Friends of Taiwan. The letter addressed to WHO director-general Ted Ross’s is signed by 60 legislators of the German parliament. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere thanks for the voice of justice expressed by the hundred and twenty-seven European dignitaries. 

This also goes to show the biasness and the intentional falsehood in WHO director-general Dr. Tedros statements.  We hope director-general Dr.Tedeos can observe professional ethics and remain impartial.  So that the WHO model of leave no one behind can be put into practice in a press release. 

The foreign ministry expressed thanks for the support of all those who came forward to back Taiwan. One of the Taiwan supporters ALRI collector chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag went a step further by sharing president sighs recent tweets. In response to Dr. Tedros accusation of racism on the part of Taiwan. In this battle against Covid 19 Taiwan is demonstrated not only its accomplishments and disease control but also improved as foreign relations on the international stage.

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