How the West should respond to China's handling of COVID-19 as Us deaths reach 20k

It's clear that the Chinese government there's a huge amount of responsibility probably the primary responsibility for this public health crisis which has now developed. The world it's a story of secrecy obsession with control which has made transparency and information flow impossible.  

How the West should respond to China's handling of COVID-19 as Us deaths reach 20k
West should respond to China's

One thing that hopefully emerges from the coronavirus crises but also from earlier crises such as the Hong Kong protests, Such as the leader situation, such as the South China Sea militarization is that with the Western world and other liberal democracies. Need to be realistic about China need to be clear-headed about China and need to stand up to the Chinese government. Where is necessary. During the early days of the outbreak in December and early January when it should have been transparent with the Chinese public and also with the international community about the outbreak. Instead, the Chinese authorities were silencing whistleblowers arresting doctors such as Dr. Lee.

Who was trying to raise the alarm forcing them to sign confessions and also then downplaying the disease? The WHO performance has been extremely disappointing, to say the least for much of the time. The WHO seems to be parroting the Chinese government's position and giving extreme deference to Beijing. So we saw that in mid-January the WHO repeating the Chinese line which we now know to be wrong that there was no evidence of human to human transmission. We've seen the WHO ignoring and problems with the Chinese response and ignoring a problem to the Chinese statistics. And instead ironically praising China for his transparency and holding up China as the model for the world to follow. 

We've also seen the WHO completely exclude Taiwan.  And in fact, even giving a strange name at Taipei and its environs to Taiwan which is extremely unfortunate. Giving that Taiwan has probably given the best response one of the best responses to this outbreak. flattening the curve without having to not resort to extreme authoritarian measures.

I won't say whether it's right for the US to defund the WHO but I certainly think that.  This is a conversation that is worth having –

TRUMP SAID-  They made a statement that our soldiers brought it into Jen came from China.  

So not only Donald Trump but we've also seen for example the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister criticized the WHO  and say that it might be better called the Chinese Health Organization. Because in the end what you really want from these organizations is an independent organization that you can trust with technical issues. Rather than politicizing these issues or being used by for example the Chinese government in order to exert its power.  

And of course, US-Japan and other governments are also contributed vast sums of money to these organizations certainly it's a valid question for them to ask whether they are getting good value for that money.  There was a fantasy for the last 20 years or so that if the world only opens up to China lets it in then. China will transform into a more responsible international action but we've seen from the last two decades and especially the last few years that is a fantasy.

In order to shape China into an international responsible actor the world really needs to stand up where it's necessary and to put real pressure where it's necessary.  Weather that be in the form of trade sanctions, financial sanctions, a travel ban on officials reflection with real teeth rather than just empty rhetoric and a hope that the Chinese government will change.

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