30 Countries Request PM Modi for Coronavirus Drugs, After India Ban Exports

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade said on April 4th, 2020 that all exports of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine would be immediately prohibited “without any exceptions”. The order was posted on the trade regulator’s website. The malaria drug had been touted by US President Donald Trump as a promising coronavirus treatment.

India Ban All Exports of Potential Coronavirus Drugs 

Bloomberg News reports that India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade had restricted overseas shipments of hydroxychloroquine in March. It had allowed overseas shipments only for humanitarian causes and to meet prior commitments. On April 4th, Trump said during a press conference that he had spoken to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ask him to release shipments the US had ordered.

According to Trump, Modi was seriously considering his request. The next day, Trump said at the White House that he isn’t a doctor, but he has “common sense” and is “trying to save lives” by securing more hydroxychloroquine pills for the US.

The US has 29 million chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine pills for the country’s medical stockpile. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams seems to agree with Trump, as hydroxychloroquine has shown promise in the fight against the novel coronavirus. According to Adams, there are “some accounts, some stories” about the drug’s ability to treat the disease, and the best part is that the drug is not new. He said that health officials “feel a little bit better regarding its safety than we do about completely novel drugs, even though this is being used at much higher dosages”.

Hydroxychloroquine has yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for COVID-19. CNN reports that almost half of all of the US supplies of hydroxychloroquine comes from the manufacturers in India. India is the biggest maker of generic drugs in the entire world.

Trump’s endorsement of the malaria drug triggered worldwide panic-buying of hydroxychloroquine, leading India to ban its export to conserve its supplies for domestic use. Though US drugmakers such as Mylan NV have started to produce the drug again in order to meet the demand, the price of hydroxychloroquine is expected to rise due to the India ban. One of the drug’s active chemical compounds is also mainly supplied in India through Indian channels, which means the chemical compound is now also banned for export. India has tremendous capacities now, the world is turning to India to buy the medicine that may help cure the coronavirus.

Trump is not the only leader to reach out to Prime Minister Modi President of Brazil Jerub Baal Cynara to once helped from India. He made a call to the Indian Prime Minister bolsa Nara wants to ensure a steady supply of hydroxychloroquine for Brazil. India has got similar requests from at least 30 countries by now this includes SAARC Nations as well as Indonesia and the UAE

Reportedly many leaders have made a personal appeal to Prime Minister Modi leading countries are running short on supplies right now and India could play a role in closing the supply gap. One thing is here experts have not confirmed but countries are stockpiling this medicine. India is a global leader in medicine exports but, Delhi banned these exports after the coronavirus outbreak just to make sure India is not short of supplies. Now their receivers have dialed Prime Minister Modi for health 30 countries till the last count they all want Indian medicines Delhi. Faces a tricky balancing act ahead the coronavirus outbreak forced India to ban the export of key drugs to the world.

The bad news from Washington DC the United States has the most number of cases in the world. Trump administration is baiting on hydroxychloroquine to treat the patients it's one of the oldest and best-known anti-malarial drugs US President Donald Trump believes hydroxychloroquine works. He wants India to lift the export restrictions scientists are still not a hundred percent behind hydroxychloroquine but governments still want to build a stockpile before the coronavirus crisis.

India served as the pharmacy of the world because India ranks third in global pharmaceutical production. It accounts for about 10 percent of global production. India is the leading supplier of generic drugs in the world reportedly India's share in the global market is around 20%. India has the capacity to handle big orders members of the pharmaceutical industry say they can serve all markets including orders from foreign governments.

Right now in these confirmed cases of far less than the world's worst-affected countries. That works too in disadvantaged Indian companies can hold the global supply gap but if the inflation's rise at a rapid rate India will have to think twice before exporting to the world.

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