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'Chip Glock' is the Latest rap song sung by 'Jahmiel'. The song released at 'ITS JAHMIEL VEVO' Official youtube channel on April 22nd, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Chip Glock
Artist: Jahmiel
Copyright: 2020 Patriotz Muzik
Release Date: April 22nd, 2020.

Chip Glock Lyrics:

Gyal alone know to say
mi thing tuff, weh yuh mean
by feel say him tuff, 
batman talk, lord daa talk

deh waa fix up, people 
we kill we no bloodclatt mix 
up, 9X open him shit gut, 
him affi wait pon boss fi get 
instruct, try shub through 
fence but him stuck, wen the 
kill a dem a Conville link up

Akeem Campbell a yuh
fucking life yuh go gamble,
great donn duppy make
you go be mi next example,
trampled face under mi 
ankle, eagle mouth that a 
triangle, buss his head,
kill him an egg, Humpty 
dumpty scramble

Try fi run, him place get
angle, his head get buss,
him gyal get strangle, 
living soldier man, no tell 
mi weh you and yuh 
man does, no find no excuse,
Bombo hole the time 
is ample, big nine-night till 

sight full up a candle

The riffle sound like
mi a play piano, and we a 
knock it like a nail with
hammer, mi full a gun, mi 
full a pay piranha, tell 
crab don him laate caa mi 
been a fuck him baby 
mother, yuh hear dem say
a lyricist 

When all mi hear
is like and like that bay 
similes, tell himself
him a the sickest thing, 
a mussi blood clot 

Me ready fi make
duppy, I kill a leggy fat 
fuck down a Kentucky,
coulda wish pon a star yuh
no, get lucky, well and 
pop off left them to end mock
rotten bone them a 
mention, come war and a 
boose bout dead man
clip golck with the extension 

Cellblock so we make 
boy headbang, broad bay we
go murder your bare face,
caa hype pon me dawg mi 
know bout yuh rape case,
kill him and bury that same 
place, ketch him insight 
wen the frog a try stay safe

cause you nave no
brain, yuh no see we number
them not the same, mi
never deh yaa ever deh pon a
plane, just tell the people 
yuh no able fi kill mi like cain,
never know mi did affi 
kill one a fans dem, humpty 
dumpty know all a
mi songs dem

Chip glock fix all a 
me problem, from the day 
mi buss dawgg mi no 
stop spends, ganster no 
joint nothing with batty, 
anno you this weh a cuddle
with bashy, him a fish 
cause him study him daddys, 
my beeff a badness 
nothing with patty

Lawboss tuff chatt 
yuh rather, mi coulda tell 
you suck back yuh
mada, but mi gain the bag
a talking, mi aggo 
make mi daddy fuck back
 yuh mada pussy

We ready fi make
duppy,  me kill a leggy fat 
fuck down a Kentucky,
coulda wissh pon a star yuh
no get lucky, well and 
pop off left them end mocky

rotten bonne them a 
mention, come a war and a 
boose bout dead man
clip golck with the extension 
cell black so we make 
boy head bang...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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