Covid-Organics: Madagascar launches Africa's First Cure for Coronavirus

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina Has Released a Local Herbal Tea That He Claims Can Treat and Cure Covid-19.

Madagascar launches Africa's first cure for coronavirus
Covid-Organics (CVO)

He Spoke at an Event at the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research or Imra, in Front of Reporters, Ministers, and Diplomats. According to Rajoelina, Imra Developed the Remedy and Conducted Tests to Prove Its Efficacy. Drinking the Tea Reportedly Led to Two Patients Being “cured” by the Treatment, With the Remedy Allegedly Showing Results “in Seven Days”.

At the Event, He Proceeded to Drink the Remedy to Show That “this Product Cures and Does Not Kill”. French News Network France24 Reports That the Imra Has Named the Herbal Remedy Covid-organicsRajoelina Said the Drink Will Be Offered to School children Because It is His Duty to “protect the Malagasy People”.

Imra Director-General Dr. Charles Andrianjara Said, “covid-organics Will Be Used as Prophylaxis, That is for Prevention, but Clinical Observations Have Shown a Trend Its Effectiveness in Curative Treatment”.

The Herbal Tea is Made With Artemisia, a Plant Often Used for Malaria Treatment, Combined With Other Herbs. Health Experts Warn Against the Use of Herbal Remedies Considering They May Come With Risks if the Formula’s Effectiveness Has Yet to Be Assessed.

The World Health Organization or WHO Was Not at the Imra Event Launching the Product, While the Us Centers for Disease Control, Previously Stated That Herbal Remedies Have Yet to Be Scientifically Proven as Effective Covid-19 Cures. According to the bbc, the Who Has Since Announced That There Has Yet to Be a Cure for Covid-19, Even After Covid-organics Was Launched.

Even Madagascar’s National Medical Academy Anamem Warned That the Drink May Damage the Health of Those Who Drink It Because Its “scientific Evidence Had Not Been Established”.

Madagascar Presidential Chief of Staff Lova Hasinirina Ranoromaro Admitted That the Drink Was Tested on Fewer Than 20 People Over Just Three Weeks. The Who Does Not Recommend “self-medication With Any Medicines” for Either the Prevention or Cure of Covid-19Despite the Who’s Statement, Ranoromaro Said That the Madagascar President Still “has Duty to Malagasy People”.

Madagascar Expert Professor Brian Klaas, Who Teaches at the University College London, Said That the Herbal Remedy is Dangerous Because It May Give the Public “a False Sense of Security” and It May Be Ingested by People Who Shouldn’t Take It at All.

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