Live Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, India - Latest Updates

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Update- 3 Min Ago. (April 02th, 2020)


STATE/UT                     CONFIRMED           ACTIVE          RECOVERED        DECEASED
MAHARASHTRA                 ↑67 490                414                    50                     26


MUMBAI         198
PUNE          63
SANGLI         25
NAGPUR         12
AHMEDNAGAR         19
THANE                                                  10
BULDANA         6
YAVATMAL          4
SATARA         2
KOLHAPUR         2
RATNAGIRI         1
NASHIK         1
JALGAON         1
GONDIYA         1
AURANGABAD         1
UNKNOWN ↑67 140

Out of 109 Tablighi Jamaat Attendees, 2 Tested Positive For Coronavirus, 1 Died-

Tablighi Jamaat
Authorities have launched a massive hunt for participants of the public a Jamaat also in Maharashtra. Because Maharashtra remembers 40 or 50 foreign nationals who attended the Jamaat event have been quarantined. They include 13 Bangladeshis and 08 Malaysian Nationals in Thani another 29 foreigners have been quarantined in Ahmed Nagar, 02 foreigners in Ahmed Nagar and so far tested positive. A Filipino national who attended the Marcos event had also died in Mumbai on the 22nd of last month 03 cases have also been registered against the mosque trustees of Tablighi Jamaat in Ahmed Nagar for providing shelter to the foreign nationals and not alerting the authorities.

About 109 people from Maharashtra believe two attended the event officials are yet to trace all of them and quarantine those who came into contact with them. At least a hundred and nine people in Maharashtra attended 50 about 50 of them are in isolation right now one person has died does this mean that there are many people who are still untraceable about in Maharashtra who attended the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi.

A lot of the people are untraceable and the most important fear the state government right now has Maharashtra is worst-affected over 320 cases and Mumbai's more affected city is over 150 cases in all of the coronavirus.  Now, what happened is from them people coronavirus was transmitted into the local people one was then made the driver the maids family members. Coronavirus actually got transmitted to other people now what the shocking information came in recently worst in return a Mumbai area Bangladeshi and Malaysian nationals around 21 people were actually staying at two different Masjids in Mumbra where police rated. Now the only important concern was that they did not inform the police officials about it.

This is what I mean despite the huge national awareness program by governments in the States about how the Tablighi Jamaat has proven to be an epicenter of this crisis 386 cases of coronavirus. since yesterday the biggest single-day jump for India many of those cases linked to the Tablighi Jamaat and still you've got hundreds of people untraceable switching their phones off and going underground this is absolutely criminal behavior we're making an appeal here on BTL News, as well to help authorities get to these people so they can be kept safe it is about their health and the lives of others.

Maharashtra: 80-Year-Old Dies Due To Coronavirus-

The coronavirus in Mumbai, Maharashtra, will cause the death of an 80-year-old man. So far, a total of 335 cases of patients suffering from corona have been reported in Maharashtra, out of which 39 people have been cured. 13 people have lost their lives due to Coronavirus.

As of today, a total of 33 corona victims have been reported in Maharashtra. Today, 30 cases have been reported in Mumbai, 2 in Pune and 1 in Buldana. So far Maharashtra is running on top in India, people are taking it lightly. The Maharashtra government has said that if the condition does not come under control by April 14, then we will have to proceed with the lockdown. Therefore, you are requested to stay in your homes and help the country in fighting Corona by staying in their homes.

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