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'Pinesol' is the latest song performed by 'NAV'. The song released at HYPE Official youtube channel on April 21st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Pinesol
Artist: NAV
Music Label: HYPE
Release Date: April 21st, 2020.

Pinesol Lyrics:

Sliding in the Rover with the demons-Slide, slide
Big chain, I make everybody see it-See it

Keep a lot of racks on me, believe it-Rack, racks
If we pop your chain, know we gonna keep it
All in, had nothing to lose so I went all-in
Balling, look inside my stomach, pills dissolving
Can't stand up, said she wants an Uber, so I called it
I am 5'9, stand on top of my money and fuck a tall bitches...

Fell in love with cars, we talking Bentley, I want GT-Skrrt, skrrt
Rappers say they balling, but they play in the D-League
Say you rocking ice, but all that shit is looking cheap
Dior for all my bitches, I drip moma out in CC
Get your real dope, drop it in the pot and it gonna lock up
Trap boy, therefore I leave the crib, I fill my socks up
Black toy, fifty in the drummer, get em wrapped up
Double cup, pop another seal, it's time to act up...

PineSol, she gonna take my chain, you sniffing PineSol
If I fuck her one time, then she mines, dawg
Told my opps he doesn't want smoke, I am up, I will buy why all-I will buy why all
Driving inside a Maybach, I got blinds, dawg

Ayy, different watches, still don't get no time, dawg
What do I wanna do? Can't make my mind up
My plug just got some more, so I'ma buy em all-Buy em all
Popping ecstasy like it's Tylenol-Pop, Tylenol...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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