Russian Claims Wuhan Made Coronavirus !

Russian microbiologist Petr Chumakov is claiming that the novel coronavirus came about after scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory did “absolutely crazy things” with the virus.

Russian Claims Wuhan Made Coronavirus
Russian Claims Wuhan Made Coronavirus

Chumakov is the chief researcher at Moscow’s Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology and is associated with Russia’s Federal Research Centre for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations. He said the Wuhan scientists “have been actively involved in the development of various coronavirus variants for over ten years,” possibly in the search of an HIV vaccine.

Chumakov explained that the Wuhan laboratory did this 'not with the aim of creating pathogenic variants, but to study their pathogenicity'. The 'absolutely crazy things' the scientists did include “inserts in the genome, which gave the virus the ability to infect human cells”. These inserts involve changing the genomes’ natural sequence, giving them “special properties”.

Chumakov believes that “the possible creation of the current coronavirus is slowly emerging” as the situation is analyzed. Considering that Chinese and American scholars who worked with the Wuhan scientists published their research publicly, Chumakov is surprised that the theory the virus originated from the lab is “coming to people very slowly”.

However, he admits that it’s still too early to blame anyone for the coronavirus without a proper investigation. After the virus’ origins are investigated, regulations on genome work may be imposed to prevent the creation of dangerous viruses. In contrast, the Daily Mail reports that the Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “it is unacceptable, impossible, to groundlessly accuse anyone” of creating the novel coronavirus.

Veronika Skvortsova, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ex-health minister and the head of Russia’s Federal Medical Biological Agency, has also said that it is still too early to say if the virus was man-made. She said, “It demands a very thorough study”.

On April 21, World Health Organization spokeswoman Fadela Chaib said, “It is probable, likely, that the virus is of animal origin”. According to USA Today, the US government is investigating whether the coronavirus came from a Wuhan laboratory.

Theories about the virus being man-made suggest that the novel coronavirus was part of a Chinese biowarfare program or escaped the lab due to poor safety protocols. However, these theories have been based on only circumstantial evidence and have been dismissed by most scientists.

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