Ban TikTok: Misleading Indian Muslims Over Coronavirus

Health workers and police officers being attacked during the lockdown. It's happened in hidden doors where the health workers were chased away by the locals. 

Ban Tik Tok In India

It happened on people first then, similarly cops have also been targeted in whom buys Dharavi. And today three cops have been targeted they were injured in the carnage as well. Now we decided that we would like to look deeper into why people are so jittery when they are being told to follow the social distancing norm

As in their battles, the coronavirus pandemic Chinese app Tik-Tok has been flooded with clips that attempt to mislead Indian Muslims specifically targeting Indian Muslims by telling them to flout the lockdown. Regulations this in a bid to stall India's efforts to contain the coronavirus spread. There is now a Foreign Angle a conspiracy to make sure that India loses his fight against coronavirus. A disinformation pandemic but this isn't about bogus therapies for coronavirus it's far more nefarious a search of tick-tock videos customized for Indian Muslims.
Misleading Indian Muslims Over Coronavirus

I vested interest possibly linked to foreign powers including Pakistan are believed to be circulating short clips. To discourage Indian Muslims from these clips have swamped messaging app or digital investigation by Jenny based cyber intelligence firm Voyager InfoSec has analyzed more than 30,000 recent videos that tell Muslims in Hindi and Porto to reject lockdown. 

The investigating lab has identified a range of high-impact videos that stoke the religious sentiments of the Muslim community. The bottom line is that all such Tik Tok mislead the Muslim community into abandoning social distancing and health precautions.

There are many videos that have generated over 10 million views across different platforms but once they go viral. The original accounts are deleted the lab has submitted its report to the Union Home Ministry for a deeper investigation. We have seen hundreds of videos where you know professionally made video especially on Tik Tok. Another channel posted on YouTube we suggest that you know I mean coronavirus does not happen to Muslims it does not affect Muslims so you know there is a very coordinated misinformation campaign, disinformation campaign, deliberately Muslim turbidity.

Now inside some religious the passions and so that they fall into that trap so we have submitted this a proton to the law enforcement agencies and I'm sure they take necessary action. The videos have been professionally edited many of them or generated abroad including Pakistan. Bad actors manipulating social media so ideological and political gains in phonemic is just as contagious as the pandemic itself. Social distancing is the only thing that helps it's high time with disinfected anything that encourages the opposite in New Delhi.

Ban-Tik-Tok-Misleading-India- Muslims-Over-Coronavirus
Ban TikTok: Misleading Indian Muslims Over Coronavirus
Please don't believe them it is important that we don't lose our perspective in this fight. It is not a religious specific fight it is for all of us all human beings across all religions and gets you to know this is a very important investigation because not only does it show that there is a very well calibrated nefarious design behind spreading. This misinformation so that gullible people, especially from the minority community, fall prey to this and the result was seen what we saw yesterday in Indore stone-pelting on doctors, police being targeted as well.

This investigation establishes three things okay that there is a massive disinformation campaign against the health and government advisories as far as COVID-19 is concerned that there are definite patterns and coordination behind this campaign. And the most important thing is that the sudden rise of violence and hostilities against the health workers could very well be driven by this particular campaign. 

Now you can imagine, what the public sentiment when you connect this with any religion?

What the public sentiment especially in the hinterlands of India and small villages small towns?

Although we cannot be sure of it there is a strong indication that those videos disinformation campaign and it has got to do with the kind of hostilities and violence. You have been witnessed absolutely because there are a lot of people those who actually believe those videos. There are a lot of people who are in fact we heard Mallanna sods audio clip as well he also said though definitely, lockdown comes to the mosque. If you want to die in a mosque it is a better place to die

Tik Tok mislead the Muslim community

I mean let people believe just make sure that there are a mass misinformation campaign and people, of course, are reacting in a very different way on this it's very important you mentioned Maulana Azad.  As a result, we are seeing all these health workers police officials facing all these hostilities in India well.

Please don't believe in all these picked up videos that are actors. They are not going to lose anything if you believe them not wear the mask defy social distancing. It is only, in the end, you & your family and all of us collectively as a society who are going to lose this battle against coronavirus don't fall prey to this misinformation campaign it is not religious specific.

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