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'My Weight Up' is the latest song sung by 'Tox'. The song released at I'm Hip-Hop Official youtube channel on April 18th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: My Weight Up
Artist: Tox  [LetsgetitTox]
Music Label: I'm Hip-Hop
Release Date: April 18th, 2020.

My Weight Up Lyrics:


Weight going up
Know I stay cooking it up

Shawty here playing me up
I am lit and they not
My shit shaking the block
Boxinng em outtaa they spot...

Had to get my weight up
Deadstock what I lac up
Busse it out the wrapper
Moonrock just like NASA...

Had to get the Weight off my chest
When the pressure on I bench press
UPS my package, that's new shit bust the plastic
Her cup all filled up with juice
When I hit I knock shit loose
Gotta leave my mark
Know that raw Gon spark
Been real from the start
Gotta make sure they respect it

Can't get that off no exit
Stay above that water
Them sharks come you a goner
I see it, I want it, I get it
Got me a stove and a skillet
Gimmie a beat and I cook it
Nothing was given I took it
Bout that action
Gotta make it happen
Make that shit your caption
Put in work
Stars up from the dirt
Feet still on the earth
Rollin and burning exotic
Potent I am calling em rockets
Standing there might as well drop it
No talking unless money the topic

Heavy now no protein
They still sleep no dope fiend
Washed up in that whirlpool
Get it too it's universal
Fuck em all
Let them starve we ball
Stack the money tall
Now it's just us
Tox came through in the clutch
Come with me I am bringing a bus
Makin cheddaar cheese
Got the recipee
Come and fuck wit me
A lot of it
Fuck the politics
Smoke exotic shit
Roll that up that's the granddaddy
Whole thing not one baggy
Well done no half baake
Bitch I need the whole cake
On a mission
Floor routine I am flipping

All-day my palm itching
Look at these bitches
All in my face
Put in the work now I am winning the race
Nigga, I am still running
A shot I missed I am still gunning
Can't say shit I paid dues
From the ground like whole foods

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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