Turkey's Interior Minister Resigns Over Coronavirus Lockdown Fail

Breaking news to tell you about from Turkey. The country's interior minister Solomon Sulu has resigned after a two-day lockdown was announced for 31 cities in Turkey.

Turkey's Interior Minister Resigns
Turkey's Interior Minister Resigns

As the minister resigned has been almost half an hour ago he announced his resignation on his official Twitter account. Saying that he is taking all responsibility for what happened on Friday night. In the make a late hours Interior Minister announced that there would be a 48-hour lockdown for 31 cities. 

It's so far Turkish president aired on has been against the ideal collect on a special for Istanbul.  As it's the economic capital of the country but the weather has been very nice for the last couple of days and people were going down.  And even last Friday was a very busy day for truck Istanbul traffic as if there was no coronavirus threat in Turkey.

That's why the Health Ministry defense Science Board and interior ministry have urged for this lockdown. However the circular the lockdown wasn't announced tonight anonymously with the lockdown.  That's why people stopped in to see from workers thousands of people there to buy bread the bakeries and supermarkets. Were poor people violated all that social distance rules that they have to obey and they were it was chaos in short? And many criticize the government that was not announcing it properly and if we're not warning the citizens on time.

That the bakeries would be open during that lockdown in those search once it is basically he was accused of the scales and yesterday he apologized from everyone. And today in his resignation note on social media, he said that he's taking all responsibility and he said the president they should accept these resignation issues accept his apology. 

So far we have no idea whether the Turkish president Georgia played by Baalhas accepted interior ministry resignation. But I must say that for Turkey that has also been fighting against the outlawed. Kurdistan Workers Party which Turkey has designated as a terrorist group it is not good news because süleyman's only the interior minister has been well known for his efforts to fight against. what the country called terrorism and he has been harsh on the measures.

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