UK Rejects 3.5 million Chinese Test Kits For Coronavirus

The world is looking at very very angrily the United Kingdom has now become the 7th country in the world to reject China's Covid-19 testing kits. Imagine that after purchasing millions of these testing kits the UK, says that three and a half million, of these bought from China, are unreliable and dangerous to use. As a world war against coronavirus hits peak china has just been exposed in the biggest possible way you're wondering. How much more could it be exposed?

First let's remind you, where we are with China's Covid-19 test kits exported around the world.

Chinese test kits to Spain defective

Chinese test kits to Netherlands defective

Chinese test kits to Ukraine defective

Chinese test kits to the Czech Republic defective

Chinese test kits to turkey defective

Check out the full detail about Chinese testing kit rejection.

And now in the biggest setback to China, the UK has officially declared 3.5 million Chinese antibody test kits practically useless. According to British, media reports, professor, John Newton, recently appointed the UK's head of coronavirus. Testing has declared that the tests could only identify immunity in people who'd been severely infected with the coronavirus. His indictment is scathing declaring that of the three and a half million Chinese antibody test kits acquired by the UK none of the kits work efficiently.

And are not good enough for large-scale use the health secretary has even declared, that the test kits failed at the evaluation stage performed poorly and they use could have adverse consequences. The rejection of the Chinese gift is also a setback to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's, the view that antibody testing will be a game-changer and necessary before the British lockdown can be lifted.

The British PM, himself grabbed headlines yesterday when his Covid-19 symptoms, worsened forcing him to be admitted to intensive care. While he hasn't reacted yet to the rejected Chinese kits China has. But the damage is now done from Spain to the Netherlands to Turkey, Ukraine, the Czech Republic to the Philippines and now the UK. The wave of rejections to Chinese kits is growing.

Thankfully other countries won't be on the list of recipients of China's questionable kits, but as Chinese businesses seek to profit from the global pandemic that originated there the world seeks answers.

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