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'Chandelier' Lyrics song is performed by 'Vory'. The song released at 'HYPE' Official youtube channel on April 29th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Chandelier
Singer: Vory
Music Label: HYPE
Released Date: April 29th, 2020.

Chandelier Lyrics:

Hey hey candle bit for me and change it

I can't name a nigga who was great

Focusing I said I can't cut the shit I'm

Not trying to hear about who nips oh hey

Chandeliers all over shots sincere you

Just don't got it and the jet blaring I

Know polly chandeliers away I'm shiny I

Get my heart of these things they want

To help and leave me how can you hate

Panini swung for tardiness I'm in the

Game so I got to play the game I know

You love if I were to stay to shame

Sheila tank so I color major paint each

Photo arranged in her life let alone a

Stripper on like cheap ice hey you know

Waiter that tip but she loved me man

Hey break over with maya she try to fuck

On my knicks I got bought her money

Rather bored on the jit new girl ally

Loni life is good as it gets and I know

My ex man when she start seeing them

First foot candle bitch put me a chick

Chick I can't name a nigga who was

Grateful I feel like you cut the chick

I'm not trying to hear about who next oh

Hey chandeliers all over shines sincere

You just don't got it and

Leering an apology chandeliers away I'm

Shanna hey hey

This shit hurts a time for another what

To kill the time and you can't take my

Bitches she was never mind

How you put up with that bitch and

Online never mind phone ringing off the


Hey looking at it out I know I've got

He stripped my be so bad take a second

Look say I know a white bitch she got

Scan or call up roof already take a jail

Called in their car

Hey I write a jerk-off damn fuck a bitch

With no logs big bitch call me a jerk

Now cuz I reject her call

Cuz I got toppity bids out slitting slat

And slimy bitches ain't no bitch put me

In check shit I can't name a nigga who a

Threat flips I so nike cut the chicks

I'm not trying to hear about who nips oh

Hey shinda leaders all over shine being

Sincere you just don't get a seat and a

Jet blaring I know pilot chandeliers or

A I'm shining...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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