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Cool Amerika ft. Cartiye Stunt performing his latest 'Bacc Door' [No Taxes 3] Song Lyrics. The song was released at 'DatPiff' Official youtube channel on May 3, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Bacc Door
Artist: Cool Amerika
Featuring: Cartiye Stunt
Music Label: DatPiff
Release Date: May 3, 2020.

Bacc Door Lyrics:

Open They're Like Hey Looking at Cash
Ain't No No Baggies Need a Few Pounds
And a Little Baggies They Want to Look
Her Shit Eddie Do not Give Me That Coat

In Trash Do not Take My Phone Open Their
Back So They Want to Focus on is It
Going I Count Up a Load and Pull Upon
Phone for Some Bother So-Called My Pants
I Got a New Scam So Really Be Working on
Relevee Work on My Phone a Nigga Ain't
Giving No Slack Up in Pnas on the Boat
Slinging Into Hiding
Touching the Right in the Right in the
Wrong They Will Be Bad for the Low We
Charge It for Breaking Up Watch It for
Breaking Cry Letting Go to the Shine My
Shot Adjusting My Shine Just Like an
Echo Pied-à-terre
Nobody in a Hands-off Approach I have Been
Pnas in the Fourth but Trying to Still
Be to Make One Soon as I Turn on the
Porch I Had to Come Back in the Bush the
African Gave Me the Touch Now Back in My
Little My Voice I Put on the Yankee to
Talk in This Shitty You are Probably

Gonna Give Me a Lot You Gotta See My
Magic Cp We will Go Go Gadget Tc This
Ain't No Laces
He Cares Came Off Already Getting Money
Then Turns to a Heavy Bitch Someone
Feeling on My Ad We Never Speak to the
Bed We Toast Sticks Like Caddies You
Travel on Cabs Mark Madness Bet and We
Had No Bangles I Do not Want to Hear
About You, Heady Should See What We Got
We Head We are Gonna Sit Down and
Brittany Lows We are Gonna Take an 800
Then Lows Fuck Around and Build Us a
Home Opening Up So Go Get the Pole Pull
You Over There Back So They Wanna Folk
They Gotta Get It in Felony Son is It
Going I Count Up the Load and Pull Upon
Bothersome Call of My Bands That Got a
New Scam So Really We Working Over and
Everyone Got My Phone a Nigga Ain't
Giving No Slack Up in Pans on the Block
Slinging This Off I Just Do not Let It Go

I Can be Touching or Write in the Margin
The Charges for Breaking Apology for
Breaking Surprise I Did not Go to the Man
My Shot Adjusted My Shot Slanging That
Dope I Did So Nobody in Asl

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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