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Drake presents the latest song 'Deep Pockets' Lyrics, from the album 'Dark Lane Demo Tapes'. The music is produced by Plain Pat & 40 and the lyrics are written by Plain Pat, 40 & Drake. The song released at 'Drake' Official youtube channel on May 1st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Deep Pockets
Artist: Drake
Album: Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Producer: Plain Pat & 40
Writer: Plain Pat, 40 & Drake
Label: OVO Sound
Co-Producer: Plain Pat
Release Date: May 1st, 2020.

Deep Pockets Lyrics:

For my nigga Hush
Yeah, look

Dressed in fatigues, I rep the East with my trustees
Smoking on crushed leaves
They turn they back on everything we built then they must bleed
I have seen splatter hit the snow when the blood freeze
Straps over territory they know we must keep
Get home and white Air Forces get brushed clean

Back when my mama would interrupt sleep
To tell me hurry up cause the bus leaves
Summertime heat waves, I used to just cut sleeves
My shortie really love me, man, she want me to cut keys
I can't do that normal type of life, is it just me?
Niggaas steady try to ride the wave but it's rough seas
I am losing enough sleep, dealing with envy
And the news that they sent for me got the block in a frenzy
It's on Meeks like it's trendy
Running round from Laurie to MacKenzie, when the city's empty
Yeah, early twenties but I want fifties, hunnids, not pennies
I need plenty, got me ready to flip the F out like Fendi
Whatever's in me, it's taking over
I gotta bust it down and break it open
Until somebody starts taking notice, then we rolling

Yeah, then we rolling, then we rolling
Deep pockets on a nigga, I can't find my phone in
Now we rolling, yeah
Then we rolling, then we rolling
Deep pockets on a nigga, I can't find my phone in
Now we rolling

Yeah, look
Back when Big Apple sold dreams, I stuck to my own thing
Back when the house that I own now was my home screen
Before I'd ever hit the road and feel like the home team
Running missions, pyramid scheme just like the Egyptians
Back when hotlines were still flipping
Now I am seeing money off of hotlines blinging but it feels different

Transitions, plans switching, ambition
Minding my business, building a business, etcetera
Inspired by a few but my mind really drives itself like Tesla
Always had a little something extra
Back when Corey was our sole investor
And the car could get from A to B but won't impress ya
Look, I ain't no baller
Still need my accounts longer like the way my nephew getting taller
My soundtrack is the second Carter, dreaming of accepting offers
And easing tensions
Keeping family out of East Detention and out of Pine Hill Funeral Center
Spots we got no business enterin'
Back when Jill Scott was the apple of my afrocentric eye
I had to find a way to get someone attention

Then we rolling, then we rolling
Deep pockets on a nigga, I can't find my phone in
Now we rolling, yeah

Then we rolling, then we rolling
Deep pockets on a nigga, I can't find my phone in
Now we rolling

Now we rolling

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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