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Drake presents the latest song 'Losses' Lyrics, from the album 'Dark Lane Demo Tapes'. The music is produced by Foreign Teck, Elyas & Sevn Thomas, and the lyrics are written by Foreign Teck, Elyas, Sevn Thomas & Drake. The song released at 'Drake' Official youtube channel on May 1st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Losses
Artist: Drake
Album: Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Producer: Foreign Teck, Elyas & Sevn Thomas
Writer: Foreign Teck, Elyas, Sevn Thomas & Drake
Label: OVO Sound, Republic Records & Universal Music Group
Co-Producer: Elyas & Foreign Track
Release Date: May 1st, 2020.

Losses Lyrics:

Lost you to the gamme, I gotta hug that
I was here when you was asking where the love at
Dip your finger in the bag to get your buzz back
I was wishing on a star when I was that
I have been fortunates enough to have it my way

I am a fortune teller, listen to what I say
Member when we used to park up in my driveway
I always told it how it was, I never shy away
This life is really something you get lost in
I know niggaas that got famous and they bought friends
I had friends that only had half of they hearts in
It's hard to accept nows, and it was hard then
But I treated you like gold, I was all in
Spoiled rotten, they could smell you 'fore you walked in
Burnin' incense in your new apartment
But you got no senses when it come to
Lost you to the game, I gotta hold that
How you feeling in your soul since you sold that?
I will be better off without you, and we know that
You ain't looking at a nigga you could hold back
Like I am trynaa show the waves, this is no cap
You sold me up the river, but I roweed back
You put me on the roaad without a roadmap
I am not tryna make no song, these are cold facts

You got some liquor at the house?
Go get a shot, let's do a shot together
I do not see it
Okay, hahaha

Being here wasn't in the plans
I do it for the Grahams, not the Gram

I do it for the fam, but still fucking Uncle Sam
I tried to change for you, but that wasn't who I am
Even when being real is out of fashion
Niggaas keep stealing my style, now we out here matching
I did it by being myself with no dramatics acting
I could not sit around and wait, I had to have it happen
Lost you to the game, I gotta face that
Really thinks I lost you, like, a ways back
Always saying how a niggaa never play fair
I took you up under my wing, and you just stayed there
You was supposed to grows some wings, get your own pair
You started this from the bottomm, now you alone there
Shit, you treat it like it's home there
Dependent on me, you was supposed to get your own share
I still love you to my last days
I never knew that shit would be this fast-paced
I never thought I'd see awards in a glass case
I could have ended up in your crib with a masked face
It could have went left on a couple bad days
When I visit my last places is the only time I am in last place
See me these days, I never got on a sad face
See me these days, I
Lost you to the gamee, and I see why
It was always you and I without the T-Y

This is not one of them stories that got three sides
This is not one of them stories you could rewind
Like I am tryna show the waves, this is no caps
You drove a niggaa crazy, but I droves back
You wrote me off, and then you never wrote back
I am not tryna make no song, these are cold facts

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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