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'Detached' Lyrics song is performed by 'E-Los' & the song is directed by E-Films. The song released at 'I'M HIP-HOP' Official youtube channel on April 30th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Detached
Artist: E-Los
Director: E-Films
Music Label: I'M HIP-HOP
Release Date: April 30th, 2020.

Detached Lyrics:

Yeah All Of Us


You Feel Detached Hater You're Trapped

Inside A Mind Game Effect Look In The

Mirror And See The Blonde Pain Deep Down

In The Crevice Of A Solar Shade Remains

In The Heart Knocking It In But A Black

Flame Yeah Yeah You Ride For Him Enough

Playing On Through The Two Thomas Shitty

Does Always Give Him The Benefit Of The

Doubt When You Know Without A Doubt That

The Gang Guff Enough Yeah Yeah Time And

Time Again You Wanna Not Again He Says

He On His Fan It May He Goes Again

Wildly What His Friends Got A Shoulder

He's A Man

Try The Hell Of The Truck And Check The

Yo-yo Alive Dumb And It Does Cuz They

Have Is The Sky Ain't Never Enough When

You Got Leo Eyes And It's Ever True

Feeling Lost Without No Remedy Feeling

Like Everyone's Your Enemy Fruits A

Labor Back With The Hennessy You Need

People To See You In A Certain Light

Otherwise, Snyder Ice But You Put On That

Fake Smile Hold It Tight Pounds That You

Cry Can't Let Him See It

And Then He Wasting From Your Eyes And

You Feel Defeated I Know It Sighs You

Ain't Alive I Can Tell He Sees It Y'all

Really Fit A Five Silly Slaps Weaning

Now You Lon

You Lost In There Pull Them Up I'll Call

You Back Call It Lucky Call It Day He

Wants To Fuck I'll Call You Open Up Like

Jumping Jess

Pull Your Friends Get Done With That

Then Here's Your Loud One More Time You

In The Front And Back

How's Your House Been At Home Is It Hard

To Deal With Him Or Is It Harder Being

Alone All You Want It's Love And You

Know He Can't Fly Say Your Mom Lies And

I Still Buyer


Oh Oh I Just Love I Just Meet Just A

Little Bit Of You Just A Little Bit Of

Me Just A Little Bit


Magne Feel Like I Could Be Just Enough

Ha Baby Please All Baby Please

Ha Ha

A Little Bit Of Us


Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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