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'Go' is the latest Punjabi song of 2020 and is sung by Sunny Malton, music composed by Byg Byrd and lyrics are penned by Sunny Malton. The music video is directed by Jyothi Tatter & the Song was released at 'Brown Boys Records' official Youtube channel on May 25th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Go (Lyric)
Artist/Lyrics: Sunny Malton
Music: Byg Byrd
Director: Jyothi Tatter
Edited by: Wahidpuria
Music Label: Brown Boys Records
Release Date: May 25th, 2020.

Go Lyrics:

Byg Byrd Rdb
Byg Byrd Rdb
Punjabi main Mujhe angreji nehi hondi
Byg Byrd Baby...

I know somethin' you do not know
Red light, green light all my killas on go
go-go go….go go-go...

I know somethin' you do not know

Red light, green light all my killas on go
go-go go….go-go go...

I started to form the bottom
Why you think they show me, love
I putt the plug on your plug
For thinkin' the plug
I got way too many apps
You won’t catch me in a club
I am an all-star baby but I carry me a snub
Let fly at any minute, why you think I call it zion
That might be your chick but my click is what she be on
Call of duty vision, I will be shootin' like a recan
I go dumb on these beats
But do not compare me to these retards
God damn it, baby, I got money in my flesh
If I am goin' for the bag 6 figures nothin' less

They say love is in the air so you, I hold my breath...

If I am prayin' for my enemies in prayin' for their death
I have seen that move joker
Y’all could play that role
Life ain’t no poker, I ain’t finna fold
Red light, green like my killas give and go
I seen a bunch of homies switch without a pick and roll
do not compare me to these rappers that be rappin' in punjabi
Motherf***k a lultaan cause that homies a punane
He lookin' like he gandhi, this lookin' like a hammi
Never been crowd surflin' but I am bout to catch a body
I am gunnen like the raptors, homie you do not know me
He claim to be an og
But i do not know b...

I drink a 24, you gettin' 8 like Kobe
Fuck an old app, he already looks like he 40

How you talkin' shit but you livin' out in moose jaw
2 to his grill, leave him with a loose jaw
I aint finna shoot y’all, this is what I do dog
Drag you through queens, you a bitch like ru paul...

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