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Jake Miller Presenting the Latest Song Lyrics 'Saved Me'. The Song Was Released at 'Jake Miller' Official Youtube Channel on May 14th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Saved Me (Lyric)
Artist/Lyrics: Jake Miller
Music Label: Jake Miller
Released Date: May 14th, 2020.

Saved Me Lyrics:

I Was Down

I Was Down

Now I Am All The Way Up

Almost Drowned

Pulled Me Out

Right Before I Gave Up

You Saved Me

I Was Dropped

From The Top

Hit So Hard I Went Numb

When We Met

I Was Lost

Did Not Know Who I Was

You Saved Me...

These Last Couple Years Fuckin Sucked

I Drank A Lot

Smoked A Lot

Long Nights I Did Not Sleep A Lot

Told My Friends I Am Too Busy For Love

I Was Looking Though

Couldn’t Find It Though

I Was Losing Hope...

But One Night You Fell Down From The Stars

Shining A Light Into The Dark

And You Picked Up All My Broken Parts

You Know Who You Are

Who You Are...

These Last Couple Months, Change Of Plans

I Am Drinking Less

Smokin Less

Better Sleep, Better Sex

You Make Me Wanna Be A Better Man

A Thousand Nights I Prayed

That's You Would Find Your Way...

Only You, Make Me Smile On My Darkest Days

Only You, You Know How To Take The Pain Away

Only You, Only You...

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