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'Misery Into Millions' Song Lyrics are presented by 'JDot', from the album 'Misery Into Millions'. The song was released at 'DatPiff' Official youtube channel on May 13th, 2020.

Song Details:
Song: Misery Into Millions
Artist: JDot
Album: Misery Into Millions
Music Label: DatPiff
Released Date: May 13th, 2020.

Misery Into Millions - Lyrics

Up in the Top Brand, I Make It Up Stop
Feedback Coming in We Own the Teeth
Every day Rio Then Keep It on My Face Did
Old Thing on Time I am Never Late
Spreading My Wings Your Boy Gone Flat

Got in the Water Go Give Me a Break Run
In the Back Straight on to the Safe I
Needed It to Call Me How Will It Be I
Got There Man Get on a Mission Refresh
Nevertheless, I Make Him Listening Over
My Bag

Pj Flight No First Class Teach Him All
Right Ozone Here They All Right No Game
I am Bring Like Don't Miss That Place
Captain Listen to My Concerns About
These Bands Arrays Plans I am Sir Took
Some Time to Meet Again Rapper to Code

Anemia Me I Broke That Mo Got on My Feet
They are Really Bad at I Do What I Say
If You Ain't Women to You in a Way I
Wanna Change It I Made It Today He's Not
Worried I Said That I am Prayed More Than
Word Aborted Weight Division is Scary
But You Got to Face We Haven't Already
Get to the Paint

Shawna Probably Not Admittedly Hold in a
A lot I Got Up in La the Ocean I am Well
You Part of the Beat Pumpin Up Hell but
I Feel Great There Was No Argument
Cannot Debate It to Say Hey Thank God No
Angry Gotta Clean My My Face
Victory Victory Victory History in the
Making We're Thunder Misery in a Million

I Had to Work Get Anal Chilly
I am About the Stronger Side Dish
Got a Feeling Cause I'm Really Know I
Killers, They Want a Minute
Sully Resilient Than One a Minute Kind
Of My Business Get Back to Business
Gonna Like I am Gonna Looking So Dumb
That Apology Was in It Better Bowser and
I Know Won't Come Back...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS                                            

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