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'Not a Sad Song' (Official Music Video  WSHH Exclusive) performed by John Gabbana. The song was released at 'WorldstarHipHop' Official youtube channel on May 28th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Not a Sad Song (Lyric)
Singer: John Gabbana
Director: @filmrat_ 
Producer: @stardustszn
Music Label: WorldstarHipHop
Releasing Date: May 28th, 2020.

Not a Sad Song Lyrics:

Look I Don't Really Like How I'm Feeling 
Right Now
And He Used to Ask Me How Finland Should
I Don't Think I'd Be Able to Tell You
And Not Because I Don't Want to but
Because I Don't Know How to the Only Way
I Know How to Explain It
Let's Do This John Gabbana They Got Me
Feeling Some Weight Because They Told Me

I Made It and I Don't Feel Like I Made
It Are the Chances I'm Taking but the
Top of Our Laughing Look I Thought She
Was the One but Honestly, She Had Dug I'm
A Third but I Got Feelings Kept It Real
From Beginning She Beyond the Extra Shit
Me I Just Be Chilling Yeah I Tried but...

It's Hard to Hold My Head to the Ceiling
Then It's Been a Minute Sorry I'm in My
Feelings but It's Not a Sad Song Thomas
Put That Mask Up Time to Play Them Games
With Me for Your Life Won't Last Long
This is a 380 Gonna Hit Like It Got
Shoulder Pants on Then I'm Cleaning the
Bit Take a Pic Blast Show Bitch I'm
Headed for Greatness It's So Close I
Could Taste It When They See Me Out in
Public They're So Shot They'd Be Shaking
It's Kind of Hard to Stay Patient It's
Too Long I've Been Waiting
You Already Know for Them Niggas That's
Hey We're Gonna Let the Screws Loose So
You Won't Lose the We Know Empty Out
Your Pockets and Be Sticky Shoes Too if
You Find the Water Smokey Could Be on
The News Too We're Gonna Pull Up on the
Scene Right There With the News Crew
Let's Touch a Meal You Know I Will Where
You From Jacksonville Now This One and
This Couple Roomie Don't Need Doctor
Feel Had to Get My Mom Right for a
Second Strung Out on Pills I Don't Shoot
Them Demons Off Look at Me Now I'm
Standing Still Huh I've Been Wondering...

When Are They Gonna Notice Me John Hi
You Fucking Rubbers Then I Call This

Hotshot a Guy You Know on the One Who
Got Control of Me but Still Gonna Get
Cracking Let Me Show You Ain't No Whore
Master Hormone They Asked Her Time to
Take the Test Right I'm Gonna Smoke This
Motherfucking Blunt Until I Pass Up
Oh Money Yes Now Time to Take the Trash
Out I'm Gonna Sit This Motherfucking Cup
Until I Pass Her a Don't Stop Could Be
Going Yeah I'm Drunk Keep It Point Ain't
About Money, I Make No Now Sucking Dick
Bitch You Born I'm Not Rapping Please
I'm Falling You'll Be Kept and I Know
Caught Up Club I'll Be Doing It Alone
Money Show Either Way I'm Gonna Get Why
They Casey My Bitch
God I Know That I'm Shit is
Me on My Trip and My Dissing My Feelings
Let Me Add It This Prison I've Been
Minding My Business I Gotta Better Myself 
Or Than Likely I'm Just in My
Feelings but That's Just Our Life Be
Like There's So Many Demons I'm Fighting
But Don't Get Me Wrong and It's Not a
Sad Song...

More Than Likely I'm Just in My Feelings
But That's Just How Life Be There's So
Many Demons I'm Fighting Don't Get Me
Wrong It's Not a Sad Song I'm Not Cool
But Everybody Pile on You Nigga Like I'm
Gonna Go Through Whipping Getting Money
Right This Ain't Nothing New
We'll Have Some Pops Bitchest Up My Shirt
I Bet You One Fuck I Wanna Fuck -
She's Like the Tattoos on My Face She
Says She - It'll Finish It Up Call It -
And Let You Know That I'll Be Making

Moves I Mean Living Life is Not Cool
Baby What My Lawyer Named Like I'm on
Good Job Moving Get My Boy This Ain't
Lettin Little Have Some Pop When She
Step Russia and See One Fuck I Wanna
Fuck to See Like the Tattoos on My Face
Cuz Go and Lay Another They Make Moose I
Be Living Life Like I Said Us to Loose

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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