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'Organic Tokens' is the new song of 2020 presented by Larry June & Cardo from the album Cruise USA. The song was released at 'DatPiff' Official youtube channel on May 9th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Organic Tokens
Artist: Cardo & Larry June
Album: Cruise USA
Music Label: DatPiff
Releasing Date: May 9th, 2020.

Organic Tokens - Lyrics

And Bitch Anything I Do One Hyundai I am
In a Coma for the Spaceship, I Mention
The Motherfuckin Green Shoes I am a
Regular Shit Numbers Card Off Said Bitch
I am Go to Numbers Yummy Son's Life Full
Tank Only When I Hit the Gas - Larry

What She Don't Bitch I am Done I Can
Lacey, She Knows About You Would a Bitch
Narration Usually Crucially Discharge It
Ain't No to Me I Beat That Kitty So She
Got Used to Me I Got Hoes in Beverley
Lynch, I am Not Settling Juice With the
Celery in the Magazine to the
Motherfucking Rich the Bitch That I Want
To Heat Me Up Some Lately Baby How You
Sorry I am Too Legit to Quit With Me and
On the Home, She Goes Up Quick Quick
Bitch, I Stop Folks Bob Rondeau at the
Cha Cha Am Jean Mom No Sock Rock You Be
Click - I Be Steve Jobs and Macking on
The Bob
Call Our Nigga Shit Niggas Run It Up
Take a Chance Get Rich Slug Back the
Back in the Back I am Just a Young Nigga

Getting Paid Drop Drop I am Feeling Good
Alkaline Water Was Another Just Running
Up a Motherfucking Bad, That's Probably
Why You Niggas Hoes Man Bitch I am All
About a Toke These and My Watch Got a
Whole Weight to the Bitch See the Critic
I am a Trap Nigga All I Know It's Win
I' ma Get It by Any Man They Say Really
Nigga Dice Pin Three There's My Teeth
White So Bitch I am Smile Two Ropes on a
White Team Bitch I am Stopped
I Like Bitches a Very Would Oakland
Frisco the Angle Would You Niggas Know
I am Never Falling on His Neck in the
Love Give Up Ugh but the Coast It's
Following the Money in the Water
Wait for Hey Stop Thinking About Making a
Tape Player to Play the Blows Cool Bet
The Coke Make the Stress Reduce Fire
Star Phone or Nigga Shit Niggas Run It
Up Take a Chance Get Rich Slide Back to
Back in the Back
I am Just a Young Nigga Getting Page
Dropped on Trucks I am Feeling Good

Poke Along Water Bus Another Just
Running Up a Motherfucking Bad That's
Probably Why You Niggas So Mad
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Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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