Larry June & Cardo - Still Learning Lyrics | ft. Herm Lewis

'Still Learning' is the latest song performed by Larry June & Cardo, featuring Herm Lewis from the album Cruise USA. The song was released at 'DatPiff' Official youtube channel on May 9th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Still Learning
Artist: Larry June & Cardo
Featuring: Herm Lewis
Album: Cruise USA
Music Label: DatPiff
Releasing Date: May 9th, 2020.

Still Learning - Lyrics

30 Say by Mistake Max Inputted Good
Battleship for Mother's Day
German-engineered Shopping for a Safe if
This Slate Go Good I Need Overseas Bank
Season Get Some Money Love Nigga Stop

Hey I Got Achieve Every Bump on Your
Face Neck Brace
Tell Us How to Move I Give Money Make So
Much I am Cold We Live and Learn


Make It Happen Then We Learn Chess Then
The Best Will We Earn


I Know God Protected Me but I Still
Shoot That You Registration Only Moving
Smart to Feel I Can Shed a Tip of All
The Shit That I Think That I See 3:00
A.m. Oh Man Let's Collect Achieve Over
$600 Shit Upsell Oh No She-She Wake Up

In the Morning and I'll Revisit Me Clean
Breathe I will Listen What Moaning Not
Speak You Gotta Go You Can Achieve Young
Nigga Just Believe Live Learn Make It


I Have Recommended Myself My Bf I Am
Lovin It


Discreet I've Been Organic the Influence
Man Betrayed Me See Out to the Party
There is Going to Be a No-spin Be Sweet
To Evacuate the Possibility of Being
Debt-free the Disrupt Society When I
Speak Realistic Positivity This
Inspirational So Y'all Cheering for Me
And I Feel Obligated to Let Y'all Know

This Greatly See Productively Enjoyable
Activities Organic Smoothies Eating
Healthy Smoking Cannabis Cookies Instead
Of Sake, You Are Free to Be Yourself
Even if You Make Mistakes...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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