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WorldstarHipHop Presents the latest Song Lyrics "Ride" sung by Lebraa Deville. The Song Was Released at 'WorldstarHipHop' Official Youtube Channel on May 21st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Ride (Lyric)
Artist/Lyrics: Lebraa Deville
Producer: @djtreegotti
Director: @directormilliex
Music Label: WorldstarHipHop
Released Date: May 21st, 2020.

Ride Lyrics:

Now Let's See How We Get Off Then I
Catch A Flight Out Of Town It's So Good
Cut A Month For The Rent I Started Doing
Things That I Always Said I Never Ever
Do Until I Sell For Two Right They Think
So Good I'll Make Them Tell The Truth

Yeah Now It's Official Wet Something
Long Like A Missile, I'd Be Looking Deep
In His Eyes And I Like It Like This
I Love A Saddle That Dick Is Big Before
Ten Years Ago When I Was Looking For A
Fight Over Niggers I Never Did Before I
Gave Him The Pussy He Called Me Every
Day I'd Be Doing The Same Thing Bitch I
Know When He Fuck Do We See My Face
Every Time I Ride The Dick You Say My
I Like When He Come Inside It Has A Lot
Of Boyyou Templates Eat A Lot Of Say
Quit Ya Know I'm Done With My Magic Time
But If It's Gotta Be Bad Like Me She
Gotta Have A Fat Ass Like Me She Gotta

Be In Her Bag Like Me Yeah He's So Big
But Not The Wet T-shirt Was So West
Biden A Bitch Feet First A Kinetic And I
Give Her A Kiss That Bitch A Free Should
Be Loving Oh Shit Yeah Now It's Official
What Tom Date Did Wanna Commit So I've
Been Looking Deep In Her Eyes And I
Ain't Even Gone Five Minutes And I
Missed It I Never Felt Like This Before
I Love A Side On That Dick Is Big Before
10 Years I Was When I Was Looking For A

Fight Over Niggas I Never Did Before
No Pussy He Called Me Every Day Saying
That Y'all Know When You Fuck You We See
My Face Every Time I Rather Think You
Say My Name Yeah
They Can Wait...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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