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'Demon Time' is the Latest Song Lyrics Performed By Lil Yachty featuring. Draft Day. The Song Was Released At 'Lil Boat' Official Youtube Channel On May 30th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Demon Time (Lyric)
Artist: Lil Yachty
Featuring: Draft Day
Music Label: Lil Boat
Released Date: May 30th, 2020.

Demon Time Lyrics:

Told Her Don't Wait For Me Your Time Is Up
Better Serve It Please I Just Ran Up Me An 80 Piece
She On Her Knees Suckin' Dick Like She Pray To Me
Doggin' That B***h Till Her Face Full Of Maybelline
In My Cup Maybe It's Lean We Don't No Green
Left Wrist Is On Billie Jean Billie Jean, Billie Jean
Draft Day He Been Poppin No Signs Of Him Stoppin'

He Needs All His Profits Some Say That He Cocky
I Know That He Got It
He Flew A B***h Out From The Trap
It's Exotic, I'm Smokin' Supreme In The Backseat
458 Rari Takeoff Like Rockey
Wide Body Kit Like Buffy The Body
All White Maybach I Nicknamed Him Scotty Too Hottie
My Mexican B***h Treat Me Like Liberace
I Threw 25,000 On 25 Strangers
Bein' Raised By Qc Prepared Me For The Danger
My Stick Got A Scope Like The Texas Park Ranger
I Look Up To Mom And Mom Only
I Ran Up A Sack In Some Orange Grey Saconanes
My B***hes Give Love But I'm Still Feelin' Lonely
My Heart Got A Space Same Size As A Condo
No Money Could Fill It
I'm Hot As A Skillet
These Rappers Two-Faced So Bad I Can Peel It

See The True Colors I Cut Every Fin'er
For All Of My Bros, I Hope Out To Play Backwards
Rock Me Some Louis V Covers At First In The Gutter
If Its For The Guap Fettuccini Might Cop New Truck
Cream Like Alfredo Lin'uini These New N****s Weenies
The Year Is '06 When My Black Bapes The Beanie
She Rub On My Goal Like There Might Be A Genie
I Can't Take Her Back Address The B***h To My Momma
I May Take The B***h From The Hood To Bahamas
Show Her Bout The World
This B***h Here Aint Even My Girl
I Pass The B***h Off Let The Homie Go Handle It
It Point A Stones Round My Neck Like The Room Like A Candle Lit
Don't Get To Close Even Says Tools Knock On Your Shoulder Dismantle It
Masked Up No Real Hamilton
You N****s Squares Like Carlton
I'm In Bel-air Posted At Nobu
Inside The Whip Orange Like Goku
Lil Boy I Done Told You I Been With The Hoe
That Old News This N****s Be Cappin On Pro Tools
22 B***h And I Look Like A Mogul
Got More Money Than Your Whole Family Tree
Double That Shit And You Still won't Reach Me
You In The Nose Bleeds I Sit In Floor Seats
Right Where The Coach At But You Can't Coach Me
Drag That Bih Known That, Sunlight, Kobe
Please Name A N***a That Really Can Stop Me
Cant No One Stop You You Next Like The Runner Up

N****s They Flexin They B***h Imma Look Her Up
Hook Her Up, Dick Her Down Got A New Stick 9mil Bullets
And 30 Rounds Ready To Hunt And Clown
I have Been That N***a Since (Uh) I Can't Remember
Since The Winter Time Man, I Remember, December
Wore A Dress That They Tried To Send Her My Trend Her
My B***h Was On Set Lookin Mighty Tender
So Fuck What They Talkin' Bout
Tell Them To Wipe They Mouth For I Get Out Of Body
And I Knock Em Out
And I Bought 12 Different Whips Like Its Nothin' New
I Keep Licks On A Hip Like They Stuck With Glue
I Drop Bands On A B***h I'm Not Dj Clue
My N****s Bangin' Red It's The Way Of Life
We Buyin' Guns Like Its Illegal Ownin' Knifes
Fuck On My Asian She Makin Me Jasmine Rice
I Took A Whole Lot Of Slander From Fuck N****s
Broke N****s Fuck All Of That I'm The Prototype
Grabbin' The Wheel I Give A Fuck
N***a Want Smoke I Hope That It's Up

Aimin' The Stick At The Square Like The Game With The Duck
N***a Gone Knuck If You Buck
I Got Like 10 Different Watches I Never Wear
Mine Louis Mono Not No Damier
Had To Pounce With 3 Different Concierge
I Know All Of My Haters Can Not Compare
I Hope It Look Good, God Damn Haha

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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