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'Taco Tuesday' is the Latest Songs of 2020 performed by Migos, the music video is produced by DJ Durel. The lyrics of this song are written by Offset, Takeoff, Quavo & DJ Durel. The song was released at 'Migos ATL' Official youtube channel on May 5th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Taco Tuesday
Artist: Migos
Producer: DJ Durel
Writer: Offset, Takeoff, Quavo & DJ Durel
Music Label: Quality Control
Release Date: May 5th, 2020.

Taco Tuesday - Lyrics

Durel made the beat, I'ma rock with it
The pretty down night right now
Sike (Uh), cause it's taco Tuesday

What is it? (Woo) Taco Tuesday

Yeah (Woo), taco Tuesday, I got the cheese, she tasting the Kool-Aid (Taco)
Migo the plug, Guadalupe (Brrt)
She gonna do what the group say, comprende (Comprende)
Caliente (Uh), she gets the bag but she gotta get it ten ways (Woo)
Okay, now andele, andele (Andele)
What the money make? (Money make?)
Make it elevate (Elevate)

Cha-nay-nay like she on the runway (Cha-nay-nay)
It's a payday when she gets the cumm face (Woo)
Mamacita want tequilla and a Bombay (Tequila)
Trap beating in the cul-de-saac, a one-way (Trap beating)
She wants perc before she takes off her skirt (Perc, perc)
Put in work, put yourr number on here (Skirt, skirt)
These diamond get to winking, like to flirt (Flirt, flirt)
The K put your faces on a shirt (Shirt)
Been having flavor, giving waves since birthh (Birth)

My name Jose (Hola)
It's a long line at the doorway (Trap)
We serving tacos, get em with the nachos

Fuckingg with a bad vibe and she go both ways (Bad)
Count up the racks of a show dates (Nero)
I'd neveer ever seen a broke date (Oh, no)
Look into the eyes of a GOATS face (GOAT)
The gang and Durell, it's a four-way (Four)

Taco Tuesday, I got the cheese, she tasting the Kool-Aid (Taco)
Migo the plug, Guadalupe (Brrt)
She gonna do what the group say, comprendee (Comprende)

Calientee (Uh), she gets the bag but she gottaa get it ten ways (Woo)
Okay, now andelle, andelle (Andelle)
What the money make? (Money make?)
Make it elevate (Elevate, woo, go)...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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