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'Spin On Em' is the latest song performed by MoneyBagg Yo ft. Fredo Bang. The song was released at 'MoneyBagg Yo' Official youtube channel on May 4th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Spin On Em
Singer: Moneybagg Yo
Featuring: Fredo Bang
Music Label: MoneyBagg Yo
Copyright: 2020 N-Less Entertainment
Release Date: May 4th, 2020.

Spin On Em Lyrics:

They know my name, on gang, born sinner
Door to door if it's war, dump out the rental
Shot caller, frontline go-getter
Come and hit me, four-by-four, big spinner
Around the corner, on my way, I am tryna clip em

Out the car, walk down, not out the window
Put ten on him, and him, and her
It's fuck me, then it's fuckingg you, you know what's up

[Chorus: Fredo Bang & Moneybagg Yo]
Spin on 'em, I'ma spin on em (Spin on 'em)
Go again on 'em, go again on em (Again on 'em)
Spin on 'em, I'ma spin on em (Go in on 'em)
Go again on 'em, go again on em

[Verse 2: Moneybagg Yo]
I'ma spend on 'em, in designer, this a Louis Glock
Cut his top like some line-ups when you go through his block
Heard he in a wheelchair, you know you 'posed to killed his ass
Caught him at a red light, put his shit against the glass
Drank in my liver and some pain in my memories
I am a born hustler, I get money like it's ten of me
Tasmanian Devil, I know Nuski, he gonna spin for me
Pop up on an opp, watch him freeze like it's ten degrees (Hey)

[Chorus: Fredo Bang & Moneybagg Yo]
Spin on 'em, I'ma spin on 'em (Spin on 'em)
Go again on 'em, go again on 'em (Again on 'em)

Spin on 'em, I'ma spin on 'em (Go in on 'em)
Go again on 'em, go again on 'em

[Verse 3: Fredo Bang]
Walked in with them apes, you know them niggaas, I be busting with
When you speak on TBG, you best know what you fuckingg with
I can't say too much, you know the murder cases never close
But I cut an opp down, damn, I miss my Draco

[Verse 4: Moneybagg Yo]
Make him feel it if he don't run it back (Double back)
Your life ain't shit, they spin for less than a rack (That's a fact)
I want your hat, then I'ma run it by Splatt (BGE)
They wiped his nose, I was shopping at Saks (Bah)

[Verse 5: Fredo Bang]
Extendo on the Glock, thirty or better
I put blood on that money, I can get you whatever
We got hairpin triggers, this shit light as a feather
He might never walk again, but I feel a Lil better

[Chorus: Fredo Bang & Moneybagg Yo]

Spin on 'em, I'ma spin on 'em (Spin on 'em)
Go again on 'em, go again on 'em (Again on 'em)
Spin on 'em, I'ma spin on 'em (Go in on 'em)
Go again on 'em, go again on 'em

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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