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Oblock Gunz present '1017 YSL Ways' Song Lyrics. The video of this new song are shot by Director Gambino & the song released at 'WorldstarHipHop' Official youtube channel on May 1st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: 1017 YSL Ways
Artist: Oblock Gunz
Director: Director Gambino
Music Label: WorldstarHipHop
Release Date: May 1st, 2020.

1017 YSL Ways Lyrics:

She's Jumped on the Matches Boom Baby Go
Naked I Want to Sell You Shakin' Wait
Brin' It Right Back I Want to See About
Breakin' Pop-Out Blocked Out Shit Hot

Smoker Runs Niggaa Watch Our Weight Look
Low Bitch, I am Tryin' to Fuck While I Rub
A Hot Butt Cheapest She will and Me Fuck
She a Creeper Ha Skeezer I Told You I
Don't Want to Meet Her
Her Niggaa He's Scary He Need Her You're
Slappin' That Ass Trisha Wait for They
Cannot Relate Soft Niggas Always Talk to
The Jinx Fuck the Op Fto to My Date You
See Niggas Always Check Out They Face
Chair Little Barber Job in the Boat I
Said I Do not Want to Fuck Her Sis While
A Shitty Joke Run Up the Bad Niggas Mad
Niggas Hoes I Really Do not Care State
I am Told I Run Up the Bass Hawk Give Me
A Pull I Got the Best of the Bezier

Folks My Niggas Hit His Name With the
Jokes When I Come Up Whoa...

I am Trying to Get Me a Rose Gold Cuban
Linx for My Bros Just So They Know That
We Goin Fuckin' That Mister My Son' a to
Give Back I Am Now With All the Chitchat
The Niggas Frighten a Big Cat I am Tryin'
To Get to Them Bi' Ranch I Told It Open
Deep Louis Whispers Cheer Me Up, Chica
Huh Wait I am Tryin' to Give Me a Bus
Fuck It Up Fuckin' Shit Up You Know
She's Comin' With Us Huh Wait I am Tryin'

To Give Me a Bus Fuck It Up Fucking Shit
Up You Know She Comin' With Us Back to
The Back to the Back to the Back My Man
Niggaas This Way I am on the Map in the
The field in the Trap Put Your Hands in on
Your Back Shakin' She Started at Work
I am Faded

Jason, I am on a Mission Chasin Black Shit
I am Tryin' to Fuck on a Black Bitch She
Givin' Me Chop Cockpit I Block Back Not
Get Out of Body Stop It Be Beni' to the
Mac Niggaas No They Can't Stop This You

Have Fly Than an Ostrich I Be Really on
Thomas Db9 to the Mac Niggaas No They
Can't Stop This Yeah Fired in the Oscars
I Be Really on Thomas

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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