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Sony Music Presents Tamil Movie Song Lyrics "Verithanam" from the movie 'Bigil'. The Movie Starring Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir. The Lyrics are given by Vivek & the Music is given by A.R. Rahman. The Song Was Released at 'Sony Music Entertainment' Official Youtube Channel on Nov 5th, 2019.

Song Details:

Movie: Bigil
Song: Verithanam
Singers: Thalapathy Vijay
Lyrics: Vivek
Music: A.R. Rahman
Starring: Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir
Director: Atlee
Producer: Kalpathi S. Aghoram
Music Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Released Date: Nov 5th, 2019.

Verithanam Lyrics In English:

Aiyaiyo! Whom are you clashing with?
Against whom are you pitting your wits?
Whom did you buy trouble from, boys?
If he knows you raised your voice you will get a fistful, no choice
Till he appears on the scene few pipsqueaks as Smart Alecks seen
If he wakes up and springs into action this Deepavali is our special celebration
Residing in my heart's treasury
The cache of fanatic fury

So what if I am a local resident truly I should show off my pizzazz duly
In my heart is a frenzy, beware Only for my people's welfare
So what if I am a common man truly I should show off my glamor & grace duly
Yes, we will be dirty as can be
1-track mind tenacity
Dark, black is beautiful indeed
Dogged in word and deed
We will be united forever
Frenetic fervor
With such a huge fan following what else can be my blessing?
I will be your rowdy-king In my area always protecting
You are in no way inferior Stand proud of your high-caliber
You are my friend forever
Heaped in my heart's atrium For my troops over-enthusiasm
So what if I am a common man? I should show off with elan!
I bought a fish so tasty
For my lovely Sarangani
I bought a silvery fish for my Sarangani
But my idol will always be one and only Thalapathy
I bought fresh fish for my girl Sarangani
But my leader rocks, my Thalapathy
Sarangani My love so lovely
My girlfriend sunny My nectarous honey
I bought a tasty fish for my fiancée to relish

Sarangani may be lovely but my idol is Thalapathy!
'THE one and only'
I know a game my limbs love to play
I have a drum that beats a tattoo to sway
This land loves me
Who else can it be?
My pranks are infectious irresistibly
If I raise my voice a little my people will show their mettle
The money will go for a toss and scuttle
You are my life and everything I am your world always enriching
Talk of the town are we, kith & kin Friend, you are my treasured palanquin
Niece of mine, 'aelaelalo' Naya paisa, a new hello
So what if I am a local boy I will flaunt my attitude with joy
Oh yes, we will be dirty
With obsessive intensity
Black is beautiful, so are we Brow to toe fervent and fiery
Stick together
Stick together with excessive fervor
When an army of fans walks the talk what more can this general ask?
I will be your rowdy-king true
I will be your rowdy-king true in my area always guarding you
You are not inferior to anyone
You are not inferior to anyone Stand strong and tall in unison
My constant companion

My heart beats with fervid fanfare
My heart beats with fervid fanfare I care only for my people I swear
What if I am a common man really I will swagger around stylishly
Fantastic effervescence
Fanatic fan moments
'Verithanam' to the maximum...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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