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"Legacy" is the new song presented by 'High Watah' in honor of the Class of 2020. The song was released at 'Hawaii's Finest' official youtube channel on June 10th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Legacy (Lyric)
Artist: High Watah
Video shot: Hawaii's Finest Media 
Music Label: Hawaii's Finest
Released Date: June 10th, 2020.

Legacy Lyrics:

Remember many years ago
Oh and aceros there to find love and the
Truth in the honesty of fitness's you
With this, a treasure so enjoy every
Precious gift we'll get off on we've
Called now we thought I share of life's

Ups and downs but it ain't over now that
I think of it just the beginning of a
The lifelong journey this one place we've
Come to know Hannah's ups and downs and
Knives and lows but we conquered it
Together now parted I ain't never doing
In at all
Make it the last baby say some moves fast
Pitiful like just yesterday we were
Walking down the hallway hallway
We have finally made it if this point in
We had a wonderful time
Oh thanks for the memories you got it no
The way he's down here today
Legacy these old days we've come to know

Had its ups and downs nines and lows but
We can keep it together now fight to the
End everything down
We finally made it to this point in on
We had a wonderful time
Oh thanks for the memories you got away
Please stand here today
This is under this is our legacy and
This is our this is our legacy
This is a legacy
This is our legacy this is our this is
Our legacy
This is our legacy
Yes we have finally made it to this
Point in online
Piano wonderful time
Thanks for the memories you've got away

He's down here today we finally made it
To this point in our life, we had a
Wonderful time
Oh thanks
Our legacy

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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