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"Shotta Flow 5" is the new song presented by 'NLE Choppa', from the album 'Top Shotta'. The music video is directed by Cole Bennett & produced by Xavi & Payday. The song was released at 'NLE Choppa' official youtube channel on June 12th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Shotta Flow 5 (Lyric)
Artist: NLE Choppa
Lyrics: Xavi, Payday & NLE Choppa
Album: Top Shotta
Producer: Xavi & Payday
Director: Cole Bennett
Music Label: NLE Choppa
Released Date: June 12th, 2020.

Shotta Flow 5 Lyrics:

You know what the fu*k going on
NLE motherfu*king Choppa
The Top Shotta, you hear me?
I stand on top of shit
We do this shit, ayy-Go get him, go

I whip the pack like Ike and Tina, 

I just copped me a Bimmer-A Bimmer
Used to ride in steamers-Steamer, I am hot as jalapeños
Bitch, I am selling out arenas-I am selling em out, 
They say, "He entertain us"-Entertain
And if you try to tame us, I bet we leave you stained up-Ayy
Whole lotta sticks in the house, it's a gun show
Bullets get him wet like a motherfu*king poncho
I don't think none of y'all nigg*s want gunsmoke
Don't second guess this shit, I am gonna blow-Pussy
Whole lotta shots when it comes out the Drac
Chop a nig*a up, then put him in the lake-Brrt
Shiesty young nig*a, they call me a snake
Ayy, fuck all that, Trick, shoot em in the face
Send a hit at five, he was dead by six-By six
Got shot seven times, but the eighth shot missed
Nine shots in the clip could have sworn it was ten
Didn't fu*k with 12, I was eleven again
I need me a trophy, the best to sin
You nig*as ain't straight, y'all lesbians
And fuck your dead homie, I will say it again
If he comes back to life, he dead again
Try to fight me, he gonna fight for his life-Bitch
Swing with what? I ama swing with the pipe
He's not cherishing it, ayy, take his life

Straightjacket music, I belong in an asylum
Felonies and felonies, this what they keep on selling me-Yeah, yeah
This recipe is deadly, see, I will be dripping like relish be-Ayy, ayy
Shoot him in the head, shoulda had on a hard hat-Ayy
We finish the beef as soon as you start that-Ayy
Bitch, I shoot first, why the fu*k would I spark back?
If you really a thug, let me see where your heart at-Ayy
If I say to catch a body, Lil' nig*a, you catching it?
If I tell you runoff, are you really finessing it?-Ayy
If I give you a brick, are you gonna sell that shit?-Ayy
If you get in a jam, are you gonna start telling shit?
Where is the smoke? 'Cause bitch, I am inhaling it
Just like the army, we got some artillery
Can they free my dawgs? I am being sincerely
'Nother opp died, a nig*a like, "Seriously?"-Damn, another one?
nig*a, we shot him, and then we killed his brother, damn
We might as well get the mother
nig*a say he doesn't like doing drills, I love 'em
If my brothers don't like him, I don't
Somebody tell him he in trouble
I paid too much for my motherfu*king guns for me to scuffle
Gangster young nig*a, I feel like Gucci-Gucci
Fucked her so hard, left blood on her coochie
Made her said, "Ooh," put my thumb in her booty

I will be damned, this dumb ass ho just pooted
Who aingt with the murder? Lil' nig*a, I kill
That night he died, that was my idea
Told my nig*as slide, make sure he doesn't live
But that's a Lil secret, just keep it concealed
My metal a MAC and I bet I attack
It's a hundred-some shot in this gat, so get back
He thought I was lying, that shit was a fact
Got shot in his spine, but you watching his back...

Nig*a says he doesn't like doing drills, I love em
Fu*k you talking about, haha
Straight, straight jacket music, I belong in an asylum
Fu*k a nig*a, what a nig*a, fu*k a nig*a mean?
Nig*a says he doesn't like doing drills, I love em
Know what I am saying? Haha
Straight, straight, straight jacket music, 
I belong in an asylum, straight jacket music, 
I belong in an asylum, and Lil' Top Shotta, bitch
Fu*k you talking about?

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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