George Floyd News - Trump Flees To Bunker As Biden Visits Protesters

So Over The Last 48 Hours, We've Had A Stunnin' Contrast Between The Man Who Is Currently President Of The United States And The Man That Wants To Be President Of The United States.

George Floyd Protests Trump

And I am Talkin', Of Course, Of Donald Trump And Joe Biden. Donald Trump, As I've Already Told You, To Some Degree, I Sat In The White House At One Point In The Basement Bunker At Another Point. He Went Down To Florida To Give A Speech About Elon Musk's Success With Nasa In Launchin' The Falcon Nine Rocket With The Dragon Spacecraft To Brin' Two Astronauts To The Space Station.

And Donald Trump Essentially Spent The Weekend Tweeting, Attacking The Motives Of Protesters Threatenin' To Release Vicious Dogs Against Protesters And Generally Escalatin' Tensions. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Who Is Four Years Trump's Senior, Went Out And Wearin' A Mask, Talk To Actual Protesters About What's Goin' On, Why They Are Protestin' And All Of  These Relevant Issues In Society Today Took Pictures With People While Tweetin', Conciliatory And Understandin' Things Rather Than Threatenin' People With Releasin' The Hounds, Essentially.

The Contrast Could Not Be More Stark At This Point. No National Address From Trump Meant To Reduce Tensions And Bring People Together Instead. A Weekend Of Tweets About Vicious Dogs And Ominous Weapons. And The Secret Service Is Going To Go After People Tweets Talking About We're Going To Make T For A Terrorist OrganizationAnd Then Trump Being Rushed On Friday To The Underground Bunker Used To Protect Presidents During Terrorist Attacks.

George Floyd Protests
Below The White House, Even China Goadin' Trump. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lesin Zhao Urged The United States To Eliminate Racial Discrimination And Protect The Lawful Rights Of Minorities. Who Is Eugene? Editor Of The Nationalist Tabloid The Global Times Tellin' Donald Trump, Mr. President, Don't Go Hide Behind The Secret Service. Now, That's Trump. Then You Have Biden. Biden, Who You Don't Have To Like.

You Don't Have To See Is A Progressive Because He's Not. Joe Biden Went And Met With Protesters, Tweeted Conciliatory Messages. You Don't Have To Love Biden To Understand The Difference Between These Two Men. You Don't Have To See Biden As A Progressive Because, As I Said, He's Not To Realize That The World Is Laughin' At Us And We Would Be Better Off If They Stopped.

And Replacin' Donald Trump With Biden Is The Option We Have Five Months From Now. And I Will Be Doing Everythin' I Can Make Sure That That Replacement Takes Place. Trump Tweetin' About Releasin' The Hounds On Protesters. Joe Biden Tweetin', Quote, We Are A Nation In Pain Right Now, But We Must Not Allow This Pain To Destroy Us. As President, I Will Help Lead This Conversation.

George Floyd Protests - Trump Tweet

And More Importantly, I Will Listen, Just As I Did Today, Visitin' The Site Of Last Night's Protest In Wilmington. Biden Put Publishin' A Five Minute Video Discussin' What We Are Seein' With Police And George Floyd In Some Detail, Addin', Quote, We Are A Country With An Open Wound. None Of Us Can Turn Away. None Of Us Can Be Silent. None Of Us Any Longer Can Hear Those Words. I Can't Breathe And Do Nothin'.

We Must Commit As A Nation To Pursue Justice With Every Ounce Of Our Bein'. And Most Importantly, Maybe Joe Biden Not Hangin' Out And About In A Bunker Or In His Basement In Delaware, But Just Going Out And Talkin' To Protesters. Were Showin' Some Of That Video Now. So Listen. Am I Sayin' Joe Biden Is The Be All End All On Criminal Justice Reform? Of Course Not. Joe Biden Sponsored The 1994 Crime Bill That Was So Destructive.

Bernie Sanders Also Voted For It, By The Way. And There Is No Doubt That Not Enough Was Done During Barack Obama's Administration, Of Which Biden Was Apart On Criminal Justice. But This Is Comparin' Apples To Bicycle. It's Comparin' Apples To Trash When It Comes To Biden And Trump And The Leadership Deficit That We're Experiencin' Right Now. It's A Tragedy.

And The Optics Of Trump Tweetin' From A White House Bunker While Joe Biden Is Kneeling With Protesters. This Isn't Good For Trump. It Shouldn't Be Good For Trump. And Biden, Of Course, Would Not Get Everythin' Right As President. But At Least He Would Brin' Back Somethin' That Looks And Feels Like Leadership And Like. A Man Connected To What's Happenin' In The Country, Rather Than A Guy Who Will Literally Sit In His Basement Tweeting Agit Trash. As More And More Violence Is Instigated By Virtue Of His Every Tweet.

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